Lil Silva on making space for fluidity and unfiltered self-expression

Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington talks reconciling his creative fantasies with real life

In his own words, Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington recalls the personal turning point that allowed him to reconcile his creative fantasies with real life

Slowdive’s Neil Halstead on travel epiphanies and musical development

In his own words, the Slowdive singer and guitarist remembers a period of travelling that forced him to rethink his relationship to performance

Gazelle Twin on the connection between ghosts, technology and women’s rights

In her own words, Elizabeth Bernholz, a.k.a. electronic musician Gazelle Twin, reflects on the hauntings that inspired her latest album, ‘Black Dog’

Jlin on self-affirmation and pushing through creative roadblocks

For Issue 148, Indiana footwork experimentalist Jlin reflects on the continual cycle of self-affirmation that pushes her through creative roadblocks. This feature is part of The Click series

Cosey Fanni Tutti on the musical awakening that catapulted her into another world

The industrial pioneer and author recalls a revelatory period of creativity and experimentation – and it all began at a pub in Hull 

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor on hitting rock bottom and the live performance that helped him back up

CW: suicide. This feature is part of The Click series, taken from our print magazine

Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok on learning to DJ

In their own words, the DJ, producer and co-founder of influential club label Night Slugs recounts the unforgettable moment when the needle dropped

Daniel Blumberg on the harmonica as a new form of communication

In his own words, musician, composer and visual artist Daniel Blumberg ponders the harmonica, and how it revealed a new form of communication. This feature is part of The Click series

Angel Bat Dawid on Bob Marley and owning her outsiderdom

In her own words, bandleader, clarinettist and activist Angel Bat Dawid talks musical rebels, experimentation and a love for Bob Marley for May’s The Click feature

Dark Entries’ Josh Cheon on the childhood dream that’s since become a life-affirming reality

This feature is part of The Click series, taken from our print magazine. A podcast version of The Click is available exclusively to Supporters

Eddie Chacon on the midnight epiphany that spurred his return to the limelight

Soul luminary Eddie Chacon (once of early 90s duo, Charles & Eddie) discusses late-night epiphanies, his Rules of Life and staying on a forward-facing journey for this month’s The Click

Jeff Mills on the classroom encounter that altered the course of his life

In his own words, techno trailblazer Jeff Mills thinks back to the start of his career, when a classroom encounter altered the course of his life

The Click: Waajeed on a transformative Miami trip with Roy Davis Jr.

In his own words, Detroit producer Waajeed reflects on an impromptu trip to Miami with Roy Davis Jr. that altered his brain’s chemistry

Gigi Masin portrait shot, 2022

Gigi Masin on the simple sound that triggered a creative recalibration

The Venetian artist discusses synths, simplicity and improvised epiphanies in this month’s The Click

Benjamin Clementine on music as a tool for survival

In his own words, composer, musician and actor Benjamin Clementine discusses a life-shifting realisation, self-confidence and a period of homelessness during which music became a tool for survival

Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy on live radio and its promise of connection

The DJ and broadcaster discusses her relationship with radio, a life-changing epiphany and the importance of musical connection in this month’s The Click

The Click: Hercules and Love Affair

This feature is part of The Click series, taken from our print magazine. A podcast version of The Click is available exclusively to Supporters

Little Simz on building confidence and finding her voice

This feature is part of The Click series, taken from our print magazine. A podcast version of The Click is available exclusively to Supporters

Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans on observation and ways of seeing

The groundbreaking artist discusses how a solar eclipse led him down a path of self-discovery

The Click: Damon Albarn

In his own words, Damon Albarn describes a life-changing trip to Mali that forever altered his musical path

The Click: Jam & Lewis

In his own words, legendary R&B producer Jimmy Jam vividly remembers the moment he met Terry Lewis – and found a lifelong musical partner

The Click: Matthew Herbert

In his own words, Matthew Herbert recalls a sampling experiment that spurred on an existential epiphany about our interconnectedness

The Click: Nile Rodgers

In his own words, Nile Rodgers reflects on the guidance of an old music tutor who helped him discover the beauty in commercial pop

The Click: Penny Rimbaud

In his own words, Penny Rimbaud, co-founder of seminal punk band Crass, remembers the experiences that led him to reject his father’s path and pursue a life of art

Mel C

The Click: Mel C

In her own words, Melanie C unravels the impact a seismic year has had on her latest solo work and personal growth

Toots & the Maytals

The Click: Toots & the Maytals

Toots Hibbert remembers how a childhood spent singing in church launched his 40-year-strong career


The Click: Squarepusher

In his own words, Squarepusher reflects the impact of a childhood urge to test himself


The Click: Cerrone

In his own words, disco pioneer Cerrone remembers how a single mistake changed the course of his career

Stephen Mallinder

The Click: Stephen Mallinder

Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder talks about shedding skins and starting again in this edition of The Click