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064 – Slow Hands

New York house producer Slow Hands will be joining his Wolf + Lamb affiliates, Soul Clap, Pillowtalk and more on a Double Decker Bus Tour across Europe this weekend, taking their ‘Crew Love’ events to Manchester, Amsterdam, Paris and London. It’ll be just like the Spice Girls movie or something. To warm-up for the Crew Love tour, the slow-mo house maven has compiled a mix for us, comprised of 90 minutes of elegant house cuts with an indie feel.

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063 – Mouse On Mars

From releasing on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown as well as highly credible indie imprints such as Domino and Thrill Jockey, to collaborating with the likes of Mark E Smith and Stereolab, German duo Mouse on Mars’ CV is testament to the diversity and adventurous spirit of their sound. Opening up with a footwork edit of Frank Ocean’s Super Rich Kids, Mouse On Mars’ Crackcast is an unpredictable, rhythmically intense and insanely fun ride. You can download/stream it below, and catch Mouse on Mars at the Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival in Poland, which takes place 21-24 August.

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062 – The Men

Since emerging to the wider consciousness in 2011, Brooklyn’s The Men have lived the lives of many bands. Touring like crazy, yet still somehow churning out a record on their chosen home Sacred Bones ever 9-12 months, each album cycle seems to witness a band under a different guise: the ferocious garage punk and at points grotesque brutality of their breakthrough Leave Home; the life-affirming Sonic Youth-isms of their finest so far (and our 4th best album of 2012) Open Your Heart; last year’s divergence into Neil Young-esque country-rock New Moon; and now the double-denim, rootin’, tootin’ all-American rock of Tomorrow’s Hits. The bring the whole lot to Village Underground this Thursday as part of a UK tour which also takes in shows in Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow, and to warm us up, have thrown together a mixtape of songs they’ve loved and been influenced by. It’s a total riot, drawing from across decades and genres, and it’s guaranteed to make you smile: check out a tracklist below, right click to download it, and go and see them.

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Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (vocal)

Cherubs - Coonass

Harry Nilsson – Subterranean Homesick Blues

Devo – Clockout (demo)

The Gun Club – Brother And Sister

Middle Class – Out Of My Hands

Easter Monkeys – Nailed To The Cross

Gun Outfit – The Lack

Simon Finn – Laughing ’til Tomorrow

Guided By Voices – Song of Below


Vladislav Delay – Endor

Bob Dylan – Tell Me, Momma (live)

The Clash – Rock the Casbah (keys)




061 – St. Julien

When we heard the St. Julien EP from Funkineven’s Apron Records, with its industrial machine funk and steely EBM exoskeleton, we kind of freaked out. And when we asked the enigmatic character to make us an influences mix he returned to us this unapologetic 30 minutes of titanium tracks – as well as the odd curveball. As disorienting as it is enlightening.

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060 – IVVVO

So everyone knows that Noise and Techno are best mates at the moment. While you could argue that this coming-together is quicky reaching critical mass in 2014, some have been on it since before it was a thing. IVVVO has been nailing this vibe for a while now, releasing low-key EPs on his own Terrain Ahead imprint in 2011 before breaking through on the consistently superb Opal Tapes with the All Shades Of White LP in 2012. He continued his excellent run last year with two EPs of disconnected and abrasive post-rave interpretations for Public Information and Fourth Wave that didn’t so much acknowledge the zeitgeist as skulk around it, hood-up and angry.

This exclusive mix for Crack joins the dots between slouchy Stott-ism, grinding industrial thumpers and ruthless jack, giving you the full IVVVO experience in the process. Well, the stuff he wants you to anyway.


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p.s. check out this wild version of Moments In Love which recently surfaced on his Soundcloud page -




059 – DJ Anna

Renowned Bristol 4/4 collective Shapes continue to keep it classy with their annual Valentine’s Masked Ball event this Saturday, 15 February. This year’s party – which sees them return to the excellent Factory Studios – sold out rapidly, with the much-hyped DJ Anna appearing alongside Shapes residents in the main room, The Lounge hosting a Horizon Festival launch and the promising ‘Jungle Of Love’ room set to provide a surprise deviation from the event’s established music policy. Billed as one of Brazil’s finest exports, DJ Anna’s surging techno will cap another seriously exciting Shapes bill. While you wait, get a taste of what to expect from the Sao-Paolo based producer below.

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058 – Kutmah

Kutmah is one of those DJ’s DJs that you hear about every now and again (see Oneman, Cherrystones, Gerd Jansen et al). What separates him from that coveted tag is his lack of reliance on the traditional methods of moving crowds; knowing that a well-placed motown record can make people go just as nuts as the latest club banger is a DJing philosophy he’s made entirely his own. It’s this restless bravery that’s enamoured many around the world, and seen him forge strong links with Brainfeeder, Stones Throw and NTS as a result. For this mix, recorded live at Dimensions Festival last year, he blends up an hour’s worth of the dustiest boom-bap, ageless soul cuts and the sharpest hip-hop variations.

Dimensions Festival takes place on 27th – 31st August 2014. Fort Punta Christ, Pula Croatia


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Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 16.54.26

057 – jozif

A little while back, London’s cherished Oval Space announced a slew of in-house events under the Oval Space Music banner for early 2014. Building on a 2013 schedule which included DJ Sprinkles and Manuel Göttsching, the coming season, labelled ‘Chapter 1’, invites the likes of Robert Hood, Âme, Evian Christ and a heap more to Bethnal Green between the start of next year and the end of March. What’s more, the series welcomes a couple of brand new residents, one of whom is the highly-revered London DJ/producer jozif. And it’s him who has offered us this exclusive mix to offer a taste of what to expect across this ambitiously-curated season.

As part of his role as resident, jozif was invited to compose a soundtrack to Chapter 1’s extremely evocative promotional video, an organic gathering of found sounds which perfectly capture the essence of the space itself as one of the most enduringly impressive venues for dance music in the country. As he states, “The first thing that came to mind was that I wanted to incorporate the sounds of the space itself. Being such a vast and atmospheric area, the scope for recording was huge. Having stood in the space a few times before and after shows, I always felt as if it had a life of its own. Late at night, early in the morning and once everyone has gone, you can hear and feel everything, almost as if the space is alive …”

It’s these sounds which offer a sense of unfolding drama to the opening of jozif’s Crackcast, segueing beautifully into an hour-long selection which exemplifies one of the most vital upcoming talents in UK house music in all his musical, versatile and uplifting glory.

Find out more about Oval Space Music, Chapter 1 here.

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056 – Francis Inferno Orchestra

Griffin James, aka Francis Inferno Orchestra, is at the forefront of Australia’s burgeoning house scene. The Melbourne producer became a key force in Australia’s love affair with deep, slo-mo house last year, and he’s since turned out a series of dusty, disco indebted releases. Providing us with the 56th installment in our mix series, FIO demonstrates his influences, new and old, and demonstrates why he’s become such a leading light.


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055 – Mister Saturday Night

Mister Saturday Night is a party run by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, who also run a label of the same name. Starting life in Manhattan in 2009 and finding a home in Brooklyn loft spaces, MSN aims to offer a lot more than your usual party. Maintaining complete control over the event, the pair govern every single detail from appropriate ‘lofi’ decoration down to the manners of the bouncers and their desired wooden flooring. A key focus of Mister Saturday Night is that of community, as they aim to give back to their Brooklyn home with every party. Reluctant to pigeonhole their music to a particular scene, sets at Mister Saturday Night are wildly eclectic and executed with care, constantly shifting focus toward something that is live and musical. Now taking the party out of Brooklyn, ahead of their event at Dalston’s Dance Tunnel this Saturday, we’ve got a mix from their summer season opener and an interview with one half of Mister Saturday Night, Justin Carter, below.


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How did Mister Saturday Night come about?

We started the party in a Manhattan club in 2009, but it didn’t quite fall in line with the vision we had for Mister Saturday Night. Eamon and I booked guests and controlled the music, but the club charged high prices at the bar, had overzealous security guards, and rigged up stereotypical club lighting.

After about ten parties in the club, we moved into Brooklyn loft spaces, where we got to control everything from the door policy to the placement of the speakers to the types of beer served at the bar. Immediately the party became much more special: an end to end experience where the music remained front and center, but the little things like friendly staff and a comfortable atmosphere were looked after with as much care. Being able to control that experience has allowed us to build a real community around our party, and it’s allowed us to develop as DJs. It’s been a wonderful experience.

How do you feel Mister Saturday Night gives back to the community, and what special measures do you take to make sure that it does?

We respect our crowd and try to think about their experience every step of the way. As DJs Eamon and I pack our records with great care, and when we play, we try to create an arc through the night, so you could arrive at 10pm and stay until 6am and feel like you’ve really gone somewhere. As the people producing the party, we try not to overfill the room, so there’s always space to dance; we keep the bar prices reasonable; we try to have a place where people can talk away from the dancefloor; and we make sure our staff treats everyone like they’re at a party at our home rather than at some anonymous venue.

How does the Brooklyn setting affect what you do?

Brooklyn is one of the most diverse places in the world. Just in the neighbourhood where Eamon and I live, there are so many kinds of musical inspirations: every day we hear the call to prayer from a local mosque; there’s a hundred-person steel drum band that rehearses outdoors during the summer; and BAM, a long running cultural institution, regularly stages performances from artists like Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass.

What was your Mister Saturday Night 2013 highlight?

The entirety of our 2013 Mister Sunday summer season was incredibly special. It was our last year doing the party at Gowanus Grove, which was a kind of bucolic oasis in the middle of an industrial part of Brooklyn. The dancefloor sat underneath rows of poplar trees; there were always little kids that got the party going alongside old-school Brooklynites; and the energy was palpable. The mix we’ve given you for the podcast is actually from the final hour of the season opener. Hopefully you’ll be able to catch the vibe!

What can we expect from both the parties and the label in 2014?

We’re planning on taking the party beyond Brooklyn. This weekend’s party at Dance Tunnel is the first of what will likely become a regular Mister Saturday Night series in London, and there are a few other cities in the works. In Brooklyn, we’re on the hunt for next summer’s Mister Sunday venue, and we’ve got a full schedule of indoor Mister Saturday Nights and Mister Sundays for the winter and spring.

For the label, it’s full steam ahead. We’re planning on releasing more records from artists already on the label and, as has become the trend, some records from some folks who are relatively unknown at this point.




Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 16.44.18

054 – A Sagittariun

Not much is known about A Sagittariun. All we really know is that they are from Bristol, and have been releasing exclusively through their own Elastic Dreams label since 2011. The enigmatic producer delivers us a typically slippery mix of textured techno, from dense and atmospheric to dustier, darker beats interspersed with surprises along the way. Preconceptions left at the door, this one’s a killer.

A Sagittariun’s debut album Dream Ritual is out on Sagittariun’s own label Elastic Dreams on November 23rd. Stream/download the mix below.


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053 – Svengalisghost

A few weeks back, Crack ran an in-depth profile on the L.I.E.S. label. As well as speaking to label boss Ron Morelli, we interviewed a few of the artists whose releases on the label make it what it is. Among these artists was Svengalisghost, and we were so impressed by the Chicago based artist’s eclectic influences and anecdotes of hallucinogenic drug experiments that we asked him to make us a Crackcast. You can read an extended Q&A with him here. (more…)




052 – Tim Paris

A staple of the French underground, London-based Tim Paris has long been a vital organ in the Parisian club scene as well as gathering attention for his recent collaboration with Ivan Smagghe as It’s A Fine Line. (more…)




051 – Ital

Since first shifting away from his background in noise punk, and in the process kickstarting Amanda Brown’s now widely respected 100% Silk imprint, Brooklyn’s Daniel Martin-McCormick has established a name as one of the most intriguing beatmakers around. (more…)




050 – Keyboard Kid

Seattle producer Keyboard Kid is widely recognised as a key innovator of the ‘cloud rap’ movement, channeling a melodic, spaced out sound and juxtaposing it with 808 driven trap beats. (more…)




049 – Magda

Magda is a typically indefinable character. Commandeering her own sound alongside label Items & Things she runs with Marc Houle and Troy Pierce, Magda’s multi layered sounds signify a refusal to sit still, a determination to constantly push boundaries. (more…)




048 – Dinky

As is sometimes the case with live interpretations, the representation of an electronic artist’s work can turn at times undanceable and at worst to a plateau of sonic mess. This couldn’t be further from the truth with our latest installment in the Crackcast series: a storming live performance of Chilean born Visionquest darling Dinky’s latest work. (more…)




047 – San Soda

Belgian producer San Soda was propelled toward the international radar late last year with his delightfully stripped back accapella remix of FCL’s It’s You. An ode to Panorama Bar, it scored favorably on many ‘best of year’ lists, Solomun selected it for his ever coveted Midnight New Years Eve spot and its price on Discogs reached such ridiculous heights that Jackmaster took to Twitter to beg fans for a rip of the unlikely anthem. (more…)




046 – Joseph Marinetti

Earlier this year, Joseph Marinetti’s ultra silky yet heavily percussive house track Dive somehow caught the ears of Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich, who subsequently handed him a support slot at the Atoms for Peace album launch show. As you’d imagine, the incident provided quite the launch pad. (more…)



Stimming Mix

045 – Stimming

A master of succinct subtlety, Stimming takes on dancefloor ready minimalism with an expert hand. The Hamburg producer has been releasing on Diynamic since 2009, weaving through a catalogue of raspy rhythms and jerky melodies, climaxing in an outstanding recent eponymous LP. (more…)




044 – Droog

US DJs Andrei Osyka, Brett Griffin and Justin Sloe have been steadily gathering an international reputation whilst holding down a residency at one of the biggest clubs in the US, Avalon Hollywood. Collectively they’re known as Droog, which in Russian means ‘friend’, and friends they won’t be short of after hosting parties with the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Dixon, Jamie Jones and all four members of Visionquest. (more…)




043 – Planet Mu

As our interview with Heterotic – Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas’s collaborative project alongside his wife Lara Rix-Paradinas – will attest, Mu is a label which has positioned itself firmly at the forefront of challenging electronic music since its inception, and simply hasn’t let up since. (more…)




042 – Move D

Move D has basically been garnering an ever-increasing level of respect in the house music world for as long as this office has been consuming the genre. From ridiculously lauded sets at Panorama Bar, to celebrated performances and mammoth sets in the connoisseur’s choice of club night, his stock has consistently endured the test of time and resulted in a peaked level of appreciation at a much later age than most DJs. (more…)




041 – Visionquest

You’ve got to be excited when a group of DJs announce a press conference to reveal their touring plans, but to be honest Visionquest aren’t your normal coming together of dance music figures. (more…)




040 – Anja Schneider

Crackcast 040 is a special offering from one of Germany’s most revered females, Anja Schneider. Head honcho of the ever consistent Mobilee label, Schneider’s brand of wonky tech and clinical house music has made her one of the most recognisable figures in German electronic music. (more…)




039 – Psychemagik

They’ve been jetsetting all over the shop, the US is going barmy for them, and why the devil not. Fresh from the release of their digital EP of original material Lunar Escape, cosmic disco duo Psychemagik have thrown their hat into the Crackcast ring in seriously impressive fashion. (more…)



Invisible Mix

038 – The Invisible


At the end of this summer, Dimensions Festival is set to make its second appearance at Fort Punta Christo Pula in Croatia. The lineup features wide spectrum of high end electronic acts, including The Invisible, who have provided a varied mixtape for the 38th Crackcast. (more…)




037 – Dam Mantle

Adopted Glaswegian and Canterbury originator Dam Mantle has long been a producer we at Crack have revered, not least for his varied and original production talents, but also for his intelligence, music knowledge and his ability to condense the music scene with a awesome common sense and outgoing approach (see our recent interview with him). (more…)




036 – Artifact

Crack likes techno. Had you noticed? Because we wouldn’t blame you if you’d thought we’d taken some time off because as it’s been in very short supply in our ongoing Crackcast mix series of late. So coming out the blocks like a man possessed – Bristol’s Artifact. Punchy UK techno-bass that wouldn’t be out of place in the tougher end of a Pearson Sound or Blawan set. (more…)




035 – Greeen Linez

One of our finds of last year, Greeen Linez debut album, Things That Fade was exotic ray of retro-funk, disco ball reflected sunshine in very austere year of music. Coming in at the rather lofty position of 37 in our best albums of the year list, the placing reflected not just beautiful funk jams that made up the album, but some of the wonderful washed out sonic scapes and retro synth lines that made the listen far more dynamic than just a nostalgic funk odyssey. (more…)




034 – Jef K

Active since 1992, Parisian Jef K has garnered a hugely widespread reputation. Be that via his regular appearances at his hometown’s Rex Club, London’s fabric, or Berlin’s Panorama Bar, or as the supremo of the influential deep house label Silver Network; as one third of The Gathering, the collective (alongside Chez Damier and Chris Carrier) which produced one of 2010’s monster dancefloor riots with In My System, thanks in part to repeated plays from a certain Mr. Villalobos, or perhaps though the label he started alongside Thugfucker’s Holmar Filipsson, Crack & Speed. (more…)




033 – Jay L

Jay-L is an underground house aficionado who’s closely associated with the BRSTL imprint, a label which deals exclusively with limited hand-stamped, vinyl only releases. Jay-L’s recent Looking Up Pt.1 single marked the continuation BRSTL’s polished, groove-heavy dance floor tailored releases which have included jazz peppered tracks from the Outboxx duo as well as October & Borai’s collaborative project. (more…)




032 – Footprintz

Signed to the label headed up by Seth Troxler and his merry men, hugely exciting Canadian live duo Footprintz bring you the 32nd Crackcast, displaying an eclectic mixture of tastes and influences, delivered via a deluge of seductive grooves. Following their series of releases on Visionquest, they’re due to drop their feverishly-anticipated album next year, mixed by none other than the man behind our preceding Crackcast, Ewan Pearson. (more…)




031 – Ewan Pearson

Active since 1996 across a range of monikers and musical leanings, Ewan Pearson has established himself as one of the most respected DJ/producer/remixers in the UK. His thoughtful and intelligent nature is reflected in so much of his output, and that’s undoubtedly the case with this Crackcast mix offering. (more…)




030 – Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont’s Crackcast takes us into wild electronic territory with full-fat flavours. Featuring a selection of bass driven house and warped electronica to more straight up flavours, the mix is heady and fast-paced, offering the listener very little in the way of let-up. (more…)




029 – Deadboy

Deadboy has crafted a mix showcasing a cross-pollination of urban flavours that could only be found from producer coming straight out of South-London. (more…)




028 – Brandt Brauer Frick

Brandt Brauer Frick’s heady mix of classical musicianship and techno has left them in the highest regard in many musical communities. (more…)



Picture 13

027 – Navid Izadi

Having popped up on Denis Kurtzel’s second album earlier this year, and with a string of releases lined up on Wolf + Lamb, Navid Izadi clearly keeping exquisite company. One song from those EPs features on a Crackcast offering which will set your week off to a hell of a start.




Picture 9

026 – Hello?Repeat

Having formed the Hello?Repeat label back in 2005, Jan Krueger and Daze Maxim have continued to establish their international reputations as exceptional purveyors of house and techno, evidenced in both their own DJ sets and the output from the ever-developing imprint. (more…)



Picture 15

025 – The Organ Grinder

This intriguingly-monikered Cardiff figurehead, who goes by the almost equally impressive name of Cayne Ramos by day, has become the latest contributor to our mix series. (more…)



Picture 16

024 – Juju And Jordash

The 24th instalment of the Crackcast series is a head turner for all the right reasons. Israeli duo Juju And Jordash have created a psychedelic house music odyssey that bubbles and burns along with a degree of intensity that gives the mix an almost filmic quality. (more…)



Picture 17

023 – Alfresco Disco Pt.2

This second instalment sees Alfresco residents Justin Gettings and Tom Hodgson going toe-to-toe with another downright mouth-watering dose of celebratory disco and low-slung house vibes. (more…)



Picture 18

023 – Alfresco Disco Pt.1

Alfresco Disco has become a night of unparalleled innovation and popularity in the South-West, with their unique take on party hosting. (more…)



Picture 19

022 – Auntie Flo

Crack feature star Auntie Flo’s mix for Crack can certainly be branded the most exotic to date. World music percussion and tribal rhythms shuffle up against funk and house groove lines to generate an insatiable party atmosphere. (more…)



Picture 20

021 – Sei A

The latest mix for the Crackcast series sees full-fat techno make a welcome return. Having secured himself an album deal on Tiga’s Turbo label, a staple specialising in the more uncompromising strand of the genre, Glaswegian Sei A has taken the bull by the horns. (more…)



Picture 21

020 – Maria Minerva

With the LA-based 100% Silk label displaying its wares at Bristol’s Motorcycle Showrooms this coming Friday, before moving on to Dalston’s freshest venue, Birthdays, the following day, Estonian-born Maria Juur will certainly be a key figure in the evening’s entertainment. (more…)



Picture 22

019 – Justin Martin

Justin Martin finds himself at the edge of a fresh direction. The natural heir to Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird crown has been stepping out on his own of late with a brand new album called Ghettos and Gardens and this a new direction in sound illustrated quite superbly in this varied mix effort for Crack that showcases him in a considerably revamped guise. (more…)



Picture 23

018 – NZCA / Lines

NZCA/Lines: “We’ve just played a few dates in England and France with Of Montreal, who fill every performance with excitement and energy, so this mixtape is in some way inspired by that. Essentially, an exotic adrenalin rush and a disbelief that you can really be there.”  (more…)



Picture 24

017 – Behling And Simpson

If the resurgence in house music is going to spawn offshoots like Bristol duo Behling And Simpson’s Crackcast 017, then we’ve all got reason to be thankful. Slo-mo chunky house jams, collide with sexy slow garage cuts in a mix that canters along at a wonderfully languid pace. (more…)



Picture 25

016 – D/R/U/G/S

D/R/U/G/S’ Crackcast 016 is a special entity indeed. Straying far from the traditional mix remit, Callum Wright’s hour-long selection is entirely compiled from rare, unreleased and original production material. (more…)



Picture 26

015 – Will Saul

In any given scene there are the glue types. The people who keep the standard at a high level with a brand of adhesive that doesn’t allow the quality to come unstuck. These people aren’t always necessarily just music makers; they are often the sharpest ears, honing in on cutting-edge offerings, pushing things forward and reinforcing their particular vision.

Will Saul, more than most, is an A&R dream. Producer and revered DJ, it’s testament to his status as a dance music aficionado that Saul is perhaps best known as the head of two sterling electronic labels, Aus and Simple Records. His offering for our Crackcast series catches him in his element, recorded live at his set at No Sleep in Glasgow.

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Picture 27

014 – Crazy P

Crazy P’s Crackcast mix compiled by Ron Basejam takes you deep into the mid-morning. Imagine a Glastonbury coffee shop in the early hours with misty eyes and gorgeous slowed down cuts, with soft piano lines and soothing beats. (more…)



Picture 28

013 – Waifs and Strays

Waifs and Strays step into 2012 as one of the hottest emerging properties in house music.  (more…)



Picture 29

012 – B Bravo

We’ve been lauding West Coast California man B Bravo’s productions for a while, his slick and soulful future-funk winning us over along with Gilles Peterson, who included the swaggering Computa Love on his Brownswood Electric label compilation. (more…)



Picture 30

011 – Joker

Joker gone done us a treat. A rare 45 minute mix of early garage and grime. (more…)



Picture 31

010 – Doc Daneeka

Assembled in between sessions at Modeselektor’s studio in deepest, darkest Berlin, Doc Daneeka brings us a deep selection of exciting and unreleased cuts from his Ten Thousand Yen label, his own productions and some choice selections from the last year or so. (more…)



Picture 32

009 – Miss Kittin

Caroline Herve, also known as Miss Kittin cuts an iconic figure in dance music. (more…)



Picture 33

008 – Kowton

“I wanted to go for a mix that definitely had a summer feel to it. It’s very house orientated and there’s a few classics in there.” (more…)



Picture 34

007 – Cairene

London based producer Cairene knocks out a delicious mix spanning a wide spectrum of contemporary sound. Definitely our most varied and forward thinking selection to date, it goes some way to explaining who this new producer is. (more…)



Picture 35

006 – Hyetal

A wonderfully modest person, the more than complimentary reviews piled on Hyetal’s debut album, Broadcast, haven’t really changed him much. (more…)



Picture 36

005 – Claude VonStroke

For Crack’s fifth mix in the Crackcast series we struck gold with Dirtybird Records boss and don of hip-shaking bass-house, Claude VonStroke. (more…)



Picture 37

004 – Furesshu

For our fourth installment of the Crackcast mix series, Furesshu delivered a mix from his studio down the road, but very much rooted in Berlin and particularly Berghian’s strand of uncompromising and upfront techno. (more…)



Picture 38

003 – Jay Sanders

Ever since we heard him rolling out some impeccable house sounds on the Just Jack terrace at Motion, Crack has been a fan of Jay Sanders.

Over the past several years Jay has played at some of the biggest clubs and events in UK such as The Ministry of Sound and The Den (Formerly The End) in London. Plus guest slots for Just Jack, Play @ The Thekla plus Switch and Empathy @ Timbuk2 in Bristol.

Having played alongside some of the biggest names in the scene, Jay continues to champion groove filled house music and stripped back techno. Perfect for the terrace and anyone who likes their house in the style of the Wolf and Lamb blueprint, Jay’s mix for Crack was a brilliant hour of all that is current and credible in house music at the moment.


Download Mix



Picture 39

002 – Futureboogie

The Futureboogie boys provided Crack with the second installment im our Crackcast mix series back in October last year with this hour long tour of house and disco wizardry. (more…)



Picture 40

001 – Julio Bashmore

Bristol’s breakthrough producer gave Crack a ride through his take on house music back in August 2010 with this superb mix. (more…)