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“We want rock ‘n’ roll in our hair!”

This is the giggling demand from Hinds as they pile into hair and make-up. The garage rock four piece are renowned for their energetic on-stage presence, and it soon becomes clear that these playful personas are no act, with excitement exuding from Ana, Carlotta, Amber and Ade as they spy the wardrobe selection for our shoot.

With a casual style that often sees them wear oversized vintage clothes, the band’s look is an extension of their carefree charisma. That said, as four young women in a male-dominated scene, they have encountered a considerable amount of negative attitudes online. “Everyone is watching what we are doing, watching how short our skirts are,” says guitarist and vocalist Ana Garcia Perrote. “But then a dude can take his dick out and it can be the most punk thing ever and everyone will love it. But if you see a little bit of shoulder or a little bit of bra, people will say ‘of course they’re getting big.’”

During our time in London with the band, we notice that the underlying supportive girl gang mentality that makes Hinds so magnetic is represented via an unlikely token – their lipstick. Lead vocalist and guitarist Carlotta Cosials can’t wait to talk about about the variety of MAC they wear from matte to shimmer, and each member has their own signature red lipstick. Though they share clothing like family, lipstick is never swapped.

As the girls muck about on set dressed in a combination of James Long, zddz, Liam Hodges, American Apparel and various pieces from Urban Outfitters, they tell me that they’re often sartorially influenced by bands they see and hang out with (including their good friends, The Parrots) – but despite their love for clothes, they want to place the band’s focus squarely on the music. “I think it defines us, not being radical in what we wear,” Cosials explains. “It’s important because it’s not important.”

Powered by optimism, glorious chaos and above all, female friendship, the band have decided on a simple ethos to counter the slurs and whispers – and it begins with a loud “fuck them!”

Photography: Henry Gorse
Assistant Photographer: Jackson Bowley
Stylist: Charlotte James
Assistant Stylist: Barbora Komarkova
Make Up: Lauren Reynolds using Mac
Make up Assistant: Terri-Ann Aubrey Smith
Hair: Hair by Joel using Bumble and Bumble
Words: Isis O’Regan

Leave Me Alone is released 8 January via Mom + Pop