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Blondes Warmth R&S


To date Blondes have been associated with RVNG Intl., a label that has provided a natural home for their adventurous style of hardware techno. Now, they’ve followed up 2015’s Persuasion EP with this full length, which sees them move from an experimental electronic environment to premier league techno temple R&S.

It’s been stated that Warmth is an intentional move towards a more focused, immediate sound in line with the label Blondes now find themselves on, and viewed as a whole it does feel like the duo have been successful in that mission. There’s a whiff of the anthemic in Trust, while Tens sounds like it was built with big, dark rooms in mind. The melodic hooks and twinkling overtones on KDM could even reach as far as a festival stage, given the right push.

While this subtle shift in direction may have edged some of the errant qualities out of Blondes’ music, the rich and dynamic approach to production remains. There’s a staggering amount of detail pounded into each track, and equal space afforded for subtlety too. In making that dicey break for the wider contemporary techno scene, Blondes have managed to keep the quality of their craft intact.