Shanti Celeste - Tangerine
08 10

Shanti Celeste Tangerine Peach Discs


Shanti Celeste has been partying for years. From her early deep house productions through her expanded repertoire of glitchy electro (Universal Glow), looser, rougher house (Alma) and more recent percussive workouts (Soba Dance), the dancefloor has always been her focus. Now releasing her debut album, this feels like the aftermath; the club shut and the sun up.

Tangerine marks an attempt to encompass the sides of herself not previously shown in her work. Despite her accustomed ravey focus, she has always wielded a cerebral edge which makes this shift feel like a natural one, made clear in the meandering ambience of opener Sun Notification or shimmering choral plod of Slow Wave.

There are also floor-facing cuts too which whiz by at high speed but grab attention with repeated listens. Inifinitas is a sure-handed slice of muscular house built around a classy bassline and celebratory pads, Aqua Block rolls with watery satisfaction, while the edgy halftime d’n’b of Voz (Instrumental) feels immediately familiar.

Earlier in her career Celeste was extremely prolific, but it’s clear she’s taken her time with Tangerine. The result is unfussy, confident and plenty beautiful.