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Listen to our favourite new music of the past month


Mastiff’s debut album Wrank opens with a sample from the Shane Meadows’ classic Dead Man’s Shoes in which the film’s deranged protagonist threatens to kill his rival and all his mates in a cold, unapologetic monologue. The speech ends with the immortal line ‘Get in that car and fuck off’ and that’s when Mastiff’s brutal, melodramatic assault kicks in. It’s a bold opening gambit that sets the pace for the rest of the record. The Hull based five-piece peddle a sort of slowed down take on hardcore that revels as much in the sludgy drone of early stoner metal as it does in the urgency of punk. Much like their canine namesake, Mastiff are uncompromising and tough as they come. They’re not afraid to play against the template and they still manage to come up shining, with zero punches pulled.

Billy Black

Sleep / Primitive Man



Seattle is spitting out so many great bands at the moment it’s hard to keep up, but you must not let these guys pass you by. Boyfriends are four dudes that are nestled deep in the scene alongside a bunch of other excellent feminist bands (they’ll be supporting Mommy Long Legs on tour very soon and are highly rated by Bree McKenna of Tacocat and Childbirth), and their hooky, scratchy, defiantly DIY tunes are a celebration of a landscape that lets bands of their ilk thrive. Take, for example, The Future Is Female, their stamping jam-out that claims the future for all girlkind – what a breath of fresh air.

Sammy Jones

Talking Heads / The Spook School


Lil Yachty

You might have spotted Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty at the Yeezy Season 3 launch from Madison Square Garden. Alongside Young Thug and Naomi Campbell, Yachty’s distinctive look – red beaded braids with metallic teeth – was a perfect fit for the performance. It was another milestone for the artist who only started making music less than a year ago. He’s won over the support of Atlanta don Coach K who is mentoring him. Having handled the early steps of Gucci Mane’s career, the Coach knows a true outsider when he sees one. Yachty’s warbled delivery and taste for oversimple melodies makes his music totally addictive. Halfway between lullabies and club anthems, Yachty is rightly being lauded as “the new face of ATL”.

Duncan Harrison

ILoveMakonnen / Young Thug



Sparse soundscapes, bleak moods and restrained tension mark the work of San Diego-based producer Sam Ruth, aka Epsom. While not much is known about him as of yet, he has released countless EPs online, the latest of which, Mausoleum Blues, just dropped in December. His Soundcloud and Bandcamp presence suggest an artist with a focused vision born from a diverse range of influences; from black metal and shoegaze to ambient drone and IDM. This eclecticism seems rife among a rising global community of young artists connecting on Soundcloud – this was the case with Epsom and Lauren Auder when they collaborated on the spacious and haunting track Post Chora. As with Auder, it’s only a matter of time before before Epsom’s talent delivers him from obscurity – and our guess is it won’t be long at all.

Emma Robertson

Dntel / Croatian Amor