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Listen to our favourite new music of the past month


The ‘trap’ label might well make your stomach turn a little, and we wouldn’t blame you. With any luck, a new word will emerge that won’t evoke images of frat parties and trailers to 22 Jump Street but, until that day comes, we are going to have to assure you that 22-year-old South Londoner Kadiata is making some of the most interesting and novel trap music around. Even that won’t do it justice – the sound is a cloudy wave of US influences, grimey venom and hazy production. Defiantly built for 2016 but somehow dosed with enough ambition to make it sound timeless.

Novelist / Future



Ceremented is the project of what we can only assume is a group of very morbid individuals. The Arizona-based three-piece’s first cassette, Unbound Horror, is four tracks long and contains some of the most rotten, depraved music you’re ever likely to hear. Information about the project is scarce online but the EP is best described as a torturous, dragging descent into hades. There are hints of black metal in the shrieking vocals while the constant double tap of death metal and the ultra slow bass- thrum of funeral doom combine and buckle into a demented cacophony. If this first, all too brief, collection is anything to go by, Ceremented have a very bright (or should that be dark?) future ahead of them indeed and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Winter / Sorrow


Cardi B

Let us explain, this page of the magazine is usually reserved for true unknowns who deserve more spotlight. But you may well have heard of Cardi B. She’s the breakout show-stealer of VH1’s manic reality-drama Love and Hip-Hop. It isn’t usually the place we go looking for exciting new rap talents but Cardi is the exception. The Bronx native just dropped the phenomenal Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 – a razor-sharp salute to the ladies fitting the criteria set out in the title. Once you’ve recovered from the tape’s artwork (a surefire frontrunner for end of year lists), we highly recommend getting acquainted with Queen Cardi as she bodies a battery of harsh club-friendly instrumentals. Brokeboys need not apply.

Nicki Minaj / Mykki Blanco


Amnesia Scanner

Should you require a more direct introduction to the ethos and music of Amnesia Scanner, we suggest you immediately head to their, shall we say, encapsulating website (amnesiascanner.net), where you’ll find just about all you need to know about the Finnish duo’s new project. If a startling and minor traumatic experience is not what you need right now, then, put simply, Amnesia Scanner is the highly experimental brainchild of Ville Haimala and Marti Kalliala. AS, their debut release on Young Turks, aggressively deconstructs club sounds through a pallet of smashed glass and thrusted synth stabs, while traditional percussion is thrown out for mangled vocal samples and ghostly rattles. The AS EP has been hailed as one of the most exciting recent Young Turks releases, and it’s certainly one of the imprint’s most thrilling experiments in willfully indefinable sounds.

FKA twigs / The Haxan Cloak