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Listen to our favourite new music of the past month


Just so we’re clear from the offset, while we mean no disrespect to the multiple other bands called Slur out there, we’re mostly digging this profoundly pissed off three piece from the UK. Slur is made up of members of some of the country’s most hotly tipped punk bands including Detergents, No, Good Throb, Arms Race, Obstruct and The Flex and they peddle politically minded, anti- everything punk that sends all gauges shooting into the red. The band have been playing gigs on the increasingly prominent UK hardcore circuit and turning heads wherever they choose to stomp and shout. They’re loud, fast and seriously aggy. Get with it.

Billy Black

Lärm / Siege


Magic Island

Canadian musician Emma Czerny used to call her mattress on the floor her ‘magic island’. Then she moved into a new building in Berlin beside a bar called Zauber Insel, which translates as the exact same phrase. Naturally it became the moniker for her dreamy bedroom pop project, which pairs glittery, saccharine melodies with dark sentiments and confessional lyrics. Intoxicated Sunset and Wasted Dawn – her first two EPs – delivered standout tracks like Baby Blu, an arrestingly personal and unshakably addictive reflection on confused love. More recently Czerny dropped Shepherd, the first single from her forthcoming debut LP Like Water. Dishing out earworm hooks with preternatural ease, Shepherd proves that Czerny knows how to make pop that’s as seductive as it is spirited and raw.

Steve Mallon

Kate Bush / Sean Nicholas Savage


Joy Again

Pennsylvania natives Joy Again operate with a smart but decidedly wide-eyed worldview. They are the kind of band whose lyrical observations and stylistic moves appear increasingly interesting the more you listen. Looking Out For You – their recent single on London imprint Lucky Number Music – embodies the band’s smart and complex sensibilities, packing them into breezy lo-fi frolicking. It looks like it might shape up to be a big year for the five-piece, and if they can hone a live show worthy of global expedition and start constructing a debut as left field and instantly charming as their material so far, we could be looking at one of 2016’s best new exports.

Duncan Harrison

Mac DeMarco / Dilly Dally



Born of a bout of restless creativity, Mothers was originally Kristine Leschper’s eye-wateringly personal solo venture which journeyed to the pit of her startlingly self-aware subconscious and back again, enveloping all the thoughts she’s ever had on the minutiae of the universe on the way.

In 2015, Mothers blossomed. Now joined by multi-instrumentalist Matthew Anderegg, guitarist Drew Kirby and bassist Patrick Morales, a fleshed-out LP, When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, has quickly taken form. Gaping guitars leave room for urgent drumming and unfailingly visceral lyrics that simultaneously comfort and crush: “I hate my body”, Leschper sings on the beautiful mandolin-woven ballad Too Small For Eyes, “I love your taste”. A tonic for your wounds.

Sammy Jones

Angel Olsen / American Football