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Internet Songs Of The Week

A collection of notable music from the last seven days of internet

You’re at Glasto, he’s at Glasto, she’s at Glasto, they’re all at flipping Glasto. Except us lot. We’re on the internet instead. Finding music for you to listen to while you’re knee deep in expensive cider and something the Daily Mail keep insisting is called ‘hippy crack’.

This week we’ve rounded up a bunch of tunes that could make Courtney Love being held hostage seem pretty boring and bands that Stewart Lee would be glad to host at his upcoming ATP.

Get your ears around this lot.

This Inspired - 5 Years

Self Released

I can’t find out anything about This Inspired except that this song is a certified belter. It reminds me of a lot of 7″ singles I haven’t listened to since I was a teenager with a dodgy haircut and an even dodgier record collection. This is definitely a good thing.

Billy Black

General Ludd - Garimpos

Ten Thousand Yen

Ten Thousand Yen, the imprint run by underground bass/house maven Doc Daneeka and his cohort Ian Yeti, has stubbornly refused to shift from its policy of consistently releasing nuggets of pure fire across its five years of existence, including modern classics from Julio Bashmore and xxxy, and last year’s superb collaborative EP from the Doc himself and new-wave-funk bro Seven Davis Jr.

Their first offering of 2015 is an EP entitled Rare Earth Metal from Glasgow-based tag-team General Ludd, and judging from one quarter of it, Garimpos, they’ve got another serious belter on their hands. A searing, unfurling subterranean saga, there’s a sense of wide scale ambition amongst the idiosyncratic squiggle and unplaceable tweaks, making it far more than just a mid-set banger. It’s emphatic, a little bit gully, and deliciously wired/weird.

There are snippets from the whole four-track EP at TTY’s Bandcamp page cause dey punk like dat. It’s out on the 29th of this month. That’s Monday, btw.

Geraint Davies

Dâm Funk - We Continue

Stones Throw


Rachel Mann

I'lls - Keep

Solitaire Records

It must be quite frustrating having a very similar voice to someone very famous. All you must get after a show is ‘oh mate, you sound just like Frank Sinatra/Joanna Newsom/Thom Yorke’ – at least, that’s what the lead singer of I’lls must get, because he does sound very much like Thom Yorke.

Of course, this fact takes nothing away from this lovely picky thing from the Melbourne-based trio. Unseasonably warm synths underpin a sprinkle of guitar, those yearning vocal and drum machines borrow some Burial-like percussives that’ll leave you all tingly and thoughtful.

Sammy Jones