Welcome back to our roundup of the mixes you need in your life right now.

As you’re no doubt very aware, it’s been five months since any of us last set foot on a dancefloor. With clubs likely shuttered for the rest of the year, online mixes are the closest thing we’re getting to the rave for a while.

Thankfully DJs across the spectrum, despite losing gigs and income over the course of the pandemic, continue to provide their services to the music-listening public. So, if there’s a set you’ve loved on this list, or anywhere else, please consider making a purchase from the artist responsible or making a note to buy a ticket to their first night back when the clubs reopen.



Recognise – DJ Mag

DJ Mag mark the return of their celebrated Recognise mix series with a slamming tour de force of East Coast club sounds courtesy of breakout Jersey club producer and DJ UNIIQU3.



Wave of Hope

Mixing his own productions with melancholic IDM from Aphex Twin and Venetian Snares, Copenhagen selector Sugar contributes the latest edition of Syntop’s mix series in support of Wave of Hope – an organisation by and for refugees and asylum seekers that provides support and educational access in Camp Moria, Lesvos.


Jayda G

Resident Advisor Podcast 739

For her Resident Advisor mix, Jayda G does what she does best; namely select heaps of uplifting disco and house ideal for any socially-distanced park hangout. Balancing classics and deeper cuts, this mix is a much-needed hour-and-a-half of pure fun.


In Focus: Giggs


NTS’ fantastic In Focus series continues with 120 minutes dedicated to Peckham’s finest. Deep cuts, smash hits and enough breathy ad-libs to get you through the weekend. A slick tribute to a British giant.


Lyra Pramuk

Fact Mix 770

Lyra Pramuk explores the history of the folk song in her mix for Fact. Focusing on female artists, she delves into folk traditions from across the world, featuring tracks from Argentine icon Mercedes Sosa and Norweigan singer Mari Boine alongside the likes of Joan Baez, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell.



Boiler Room: Streaming from Isolation with Horoom

Horoom is Tblisi’s best kept secret: a clandestine queer night held at the iconic Bassiani club, where careful and stringent vetting of attendees is used to ensure this much-needed safe space remains protected. The collective’s recent Boiler Room takeover, headlined by Bassiani resident and Mutant Radio founder Ninasupsa, provides a rare and tantalising peek inside. Moving from bleepy electro through new-school UK techno to classic Hessle Audio bangers, her set masterfully traverses eras, genres and BPMs – the common threads being heavy subs and swinging rhythms.


Chris Farrell

1020 Radio

Three Bristol institutions cross swords as Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell guests on local label Pressure Dome’s Domecast Weekly show – broadcast via online community platform 1020 Radio. Dub-techno, downtempo, broken beat and trip-hop vibes abound.



Phonica Records: Off The Record Mix

Followers of Parris’ other-worldly productions – which have found homes on leading experimental dance labels like The Trilogy Tapes, Hemlock and Idle Hands – might reasonably expect to hear a challenging mix of broken techno, modernist dub and/or ambient experimentalism upon commencing this mix. They would be wrong. Instead, strap in for an hour of triumphant pop from stars like Charli XCX, Lana Del Rey, Clairo and Frank Ocean.



Bleep Mix 123

Recent months have seen us reconnecting with radio and recorded mixes with a new sense of purpose. Kept at home around the clock, the right soundtrack at the right time can feel like a lifeline. Shielding’s recent mix for Bleep is a perfect fit for those in-between moments – when beige background ambience won’t cut it anymore, but a clanging UKG livestream isn’t quite it either.


Andy Payback

Air Mix 024: Street Soul Lovers Pt 2

NTS resident Andy Payback finally delivers the follow up to his essential 2018 mix, ‘Street Soul Lovers’. The first instalment did a fantastic job of introducing a new wave of listeners (us included) to this criminally under-appreciated movement in Black British dance music, and this instalment digs even deeper.


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