This week’s mix roundup won’t be bound by ocean, sea nor genre. Check out what we’ve plucked from the various corners of the internet, coming from all over the globe

There are so many moods and palettes to be met, sated or stirred, and so many ways to do so. This week we’ve got a good chunk of the possibilities covered. Here’s five mixes from some of our favourite stations and series.


Rat Salad

Trushmix 110

Beyond the obvious suspects in the world of online radio, the likes of which are contained in this roundup, there are a few mix series you just know will deliver the goods every time. Trushmix is one of those series. Now over a hundred mixes deep with six years under its belt, it’s a marvel of consistency. Not only that, but they somehow manage to maintain a flavour to the series with a varied list of contributors.

One of the most frequent is Rat Salad, who here throws together a mix of sleazy electro-punk. As Trushmix put it, this is “electronic dance music made by rockers, punks and utter freaks”. It’s weirdly uplifting and drenched with the kind of seductive hedonism that people too young to live it attribute to the 80s.



Siren Mix 002

From one of the more established series to a relative baby. However despite this being only the second mix in the series, we’re confident the Siren mixes will end up being just as consistently brilliant. We featured the first mix from Athene in this roundup a while back, and after listening to this entry from AFRODEUTSCHE, we had to include it.

The mix is defined by a dark take on groove, as danceable as it is gothic. Her own tracks set the pace and palette, and for the rest of the hour or so she weaves in gorgeously sideways melodies into propulsive body music.


West Norwood Cassette Library ft. Manni Dee

Balamii Radio

West Norwood Cassette Library returns to Balamii for his regular show, this time armed with a guest ‘own-productions-only’ mix from Manni Dee. Dee’s section is typically foot-down techno, enough to blow the cobwebs from anyone listening.

It is Bob Bhamra himself that makes this set so good, however. The first section stays heavy in honour of the guest, with sprinklings of subdued hardcore and well-timed pauses for air. Dropping his own VIP of Exodus by The Brothers Grimm sums this up nicely. Later, not long after the end of the onslaught from Dee, he throws in Manhattan Melody by Lemon D, which, were it a club mix, would have sent the place bonkers.



NTS Radio

Ever since Bird Sound Power dropped on Demdike Stare last year, Equiknoxx have proven themselves to be one of the most singular crews in dancehall, bringing back a weirdness and desire to change things up – which is all too absent from the vast majority of scenes worldwide. Their NTS show, the Equknoxx Hour, is broadcast from Jamaica, and consists of the finest hour of dancehall and general sounds from the island. With more than a smattering of guest appearances, freestyles and one-offs, there are levels of goodness. Leave your expectations at the door.


Ruf Dug

Poolside Mix @ Pikes

King of the Balearic dads, Ruf Dug is one of a vocal bunch of DJs proclaiming Ibiza’s continued relevance. Given he’s been watching it change for longer than most of us have been into dance music, it’s probably worth paying him due attention. Along with other veterans of the island, like Artwork, he is quick to point to Pikes as the paragon about what makes the island special still, and this mix is taken from one afternoon poolside.

Listening to this mix, it’s easy to get lost in borrowed nostalgia for the island and imagine yourself sipping pretty at Café del Mar. Starting with his own Tendacayou from 2015’s Island LP, Ruffy takes his suitably reclined audience through styles and sounds perfect for tropical spots the world over.


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