An Evening With Hessle Audio

The Marble Factory, Bristol

In his cover feature for us late last year, Ben UFO told us how intrigued he was by the idea of collapsing the distinction between the accessible and the sophisticated.

It would seem that this philosophy has spread throughout Hessle Audio after a Saturday evening that showcased precise and exquisite sets which embraced experimental influences, but were also really, really fun. Following their sellout launch party with Floating Points, ‘An Evening With’ had clearly set themselves a high bar, yet with a Hessle Audio showcase so exceptionally executed it seems the promoters have begun a formidable track record.

The Marble Factory continued to prove its value as a smaller sibling to Motion, housing a perfectly sized crowd who remained heavy and attentive throughout the night. The quantifiable quality of Hessle is increasingly their skill for reading and governing an audience, and with one as receptive as they enjoyed on Saturday they were able to play with the dynamics of their respective sets to their fullest potential. Initially guiding us through techno cuts, past jungle, the night culminated in an unadulterated drum and bass set that rose boisterously with crowd’s attitude. Before leaving, and battling past two complete audio cut-outs, the venue was starkly illuminated by full house lights accompanying a final throng of clumsy but spirited near-skanking.

The collapse of the previously mentioned distinction is perhaps best summarised by the manner with which the evening ended: Pangaea dropping Sound of the Future’s The Lighter, a drum and bass classic that combines the elegance of the schmaltzy Where Do I Begin, with the counter-force of rib rattling DJ SS breaks. It’s this confident fusion of grace and grit that made the evening with so Hessle memorable, investing as much in legacy and skill as they do in the party.

The next An Evening With… welcomes retro-loving party taskforce Bicep on 2 April. Grab your tickets here.