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MOOO!, Doja Cat’s viral song about – you guessed it – cows, took the internet by storm.

It’s currently sitting at a casual 41 million (and counting) views on YouTube. But the LA-based singer’s musical arsenal is just as strong. Her 2014 sleepy R&B hit So High saw her gain a loyal following on SoundCloud, eventually leading to a record deal with RCA Records. Then 2018 brought us her debut album Amala, where she flexes her impressive songwriting chops once more. From honey-dipped R&B groovers to take-no-shit trap bangers, Doja Cat’s eccentric personality remains the star of the show. Here, Doja talks bad habits, clapbacks and, of course, The Big Cow.

How would your friends describe you in three words?

This lil’ bitch.

Earliest childhood memory?

I remember holding my mom’s hand walking through hectic New York City and I was so small that all these adult butts just kept hitting me in the face.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Madonna once said in an interview that all she really wants is to be happy. That stuck with me.

Favourite meme?

I love all memes. But: “it’s an avocaaado!”

What are your thoughts on The Big Cow?

How the hell did it get like that? Are we gonna eat it, what are we gonna do with it? I can’t believe it. I don’t believe in The Big Cow. That shit’s photoshopped, bruh.

Believe it or not, The Big Cow is real.

Also, the farting. That cow’s fart is a big fart – three or four cow’s worth. That’s a lot of methane in the ozone layer. I’m scared for the world.

Tell me about your bougiest indulgence.

Caviar, caviar and also caviar.

What makes you feel like a bad bitch?

When my pants fit right. I struggle a lot because I have a really fat ass and nothing else on my body matches it. It’s like I’ve stolen someone else’s lower half. If I find pants that hug everything and act as Spanx, nobody can fuck with me, I’m on top of the world.

Favourite cartoon?

Family Guy. I’ve watched every season maybe 10 times.

The wildest party you’ve ever been to.

I was at a backyard house party when I was 14 and a gun went off, so everyone had to run out. There was some sort of gang run-in.

Something you look for in an ideal partner.

A really big nose.

What’s the weirdest thing someone has caught you doing?

I was in high school and I was in my brother’s old room that we turned into a room to hang out in. I was in there making out with somebody and my mom came upstairs and walked in on us mid-make out, lights still off, and asked us if we wanted some cranberry juice. It was really fucking weird.

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Rain and 90s cartoons.

The biggest realisation you’ve had this past year.

I don’t need to be like anyone else but myself. That sounds so corny, but there were times where I felt like a baby duck, just doing what the momma duck did. I took my own leap of faith. When I’m natural, people really fuck with me.

Amala is out now via RCA Records