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Big Freedia

20 Questions: Big Freedia

Talking Beyoncé, regrettable tattoos and dates with the New Orleans artist

Rising: Men I Trust

With no manager and no label, the Canadian trio are animated by an independent ethos – and it seems to be working in their favour

My Life as a Mixtape: Bodega

From teenage highs to adult despair, the art-punk guitarist and singer lays down the soundtrack of his turning points

A Love Letter To… Selena

Selena paved the way for multicultural, empowered pop music. As Dreaming of You turns 23, Rachel Grace Almeida celebrates the legacy of the Mexican-American icon

20 Questions: Mel Blatt

Talking Snoop Dogg, Prince and meeting Bill Clinton with the All Saints singer

Let's Eat Grandma

My Life as a Mixtape: Let’s Eat Grandma

From Frank Ocean to Don Henley, the Norwich duo underline the songs and albums that made an impact

Snail Mail

Meet Snail Mail, the artist who captures teenagerhood in all its awkward splendour

Lindsey Jordan’s guitar pop is shot through with a specific kind of anxiety and heartbreak. We find out what it’s like setting your growing pains to music

My Life As a Mixtape / A. Sauvage from Parquet Courts

My Life as a Mixtape: A. Savage from Parquet Courts

From Crass to The Rolling Stones to Futurisk, the punk vocalist and guitarist highlights the tracks and albums that made a mark

Beach House

7 Matador Records

MIRA’s 2018 edition secured its reputation for innovation and open thought

Funkhaus, Berlin 20180505
Giant Swan

Rising: Giant Swan

Meet the Bristol techno-not-techno act who channel chaos and tranquillity – and have little time for chin-strokers

Here’s what went down at The Streets’ first live show in seven years

Heimathafen, Berlin 20180411

Aesthetic: Philipp Gorbachev

A pivotal figure in Russian underground music, our fashion editorial sees Philipp Gorbachev swap the club for the deep forest