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2C Perrea: “We wanted to throw a party for the girls”

This is Signing Off, our year-end series with the artists who defined 2023. We meet 2C Perrea, the queer Latinx collective bringing the rapturous sounds of reggaeton to UK clubs

TraTraTrax: Keep It Moving

TraTraTrax has taken the global underground by storm. The Colombian label is leading a Latin American dance movement where diasporic traditions merge with UK bass and techno. But with recognition often comes tokenisation – and they’re resisting

Converge’s Jane Doe triggered the experimental birth of metallic hardcore

Released 22 years ago today, Converge’s brutal, emotionally charged opus not only chronicles a personal disaster, but triggered the experimental birth of metallic hardcore


Fountain Baby Interscope

Threads 2022: Nick León in conversation with Florentino

For the December issue, we brought together artists who have shaped the year for in-depth conversations. Here, Nick León and Florentino chat dancefloor highlights, ‘Xtasis’ and highlighting different musical narratives

Postcards from the Underground: Miami’s Club Movement

A storm is brewing in Miami. A city best-known for art deco and hypercommercialism is getting shaken up by a new school of club experimentalists. We find out more about the Miami’s growing music community for Issue 136

Turnstile: Shine on

Hardcore innovators Turnstile have always pushed the genre into daring new spaces. For their third album, they’ve crystallised their vision of experimentation


Sling Republic Records

Choreographer Kloe Dean on bringing Little Simz’s Introvert video to life

We talk references, relationships and supporting Simz’s vision with the London-based choreographer

Tomasa del Real

Tomasa del Real’s neoperreo playground

Tomasa del Real is leading a movement for reggaeton’s misfits


Downtime: TOPS

Welcome to Downtime, a regular series in which we ask our favourite artists for their cultural recommendations. This month, we catch up with TOPS

Ms Nina has logged on

Growing up a shy teen, Jorgeline Torres found her voice online. As Madrid’s ascendant star, she’s discovered her inner extrovert. We meet Ms Nina in her neighbourhood

Sega Bodega

20 Questions: Sega Bodega

Sega Bodega takes on this month’s edition of 20 Questions

Best Coast

20 Questions: Best Coast

With a new album on the horizon, Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino takes on the latest edition of 20 questions


Downtime: Georgia

Welcome to Downtime: a regular series in which we ask our favourite artists for their cultural recommendations. This month, we catch up with Georgia

Galcher Lustwerk

20 Questions: Galcher Lustwerk

Galcher Lustwerk takes on this month’s 20 Questions


Downtime: Midland

Welcome to Downtime: a regular series in which we ask our favourite artists for their…

Downtime: Battles

New York duo Ian Williams and John Stanier list three suitably cerebral cultural recommendations

Latinx Meditations

Meditations… on the white-washing of Latinx music

As Latinx music continues to climb up the charts, we take a look at how it’s become subject to miscategorisation – and what this means for Latinx people

thurston moore 20Q

20 Questions: Thurston Moore

After pioneering the new 80s punk movement as a part of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore continues to experiment with the genre in his solo work – we get to know the living legend a little better.

Downtime: Pelada

Downtime: Pelada on political books you need to read

Looking for something to read? The PAN-affiliated duo list their book recommendations

20 Questions: Lykke Li

Despite her current star status, Lykke Li doesn’t give too much away. We try to get to know her a little better in the month’s 20 Questions

Downtime Metronomy

Downtime: Metronomy

The frontman comes through with a list of TV series and films to binge on

20 Questions: Jubilee

The Miami-born producer talks club survival tips, words of wisdom and a house party in Jamaica with an unlikely guest

crumb interview downtime

Downtime: Crumb

Brooklyn’s Crumb fill us in on their essential spare-time killers, from anime parasites to cave-based blood baths, this is not for the faint of heart

Bilbao BBK LIve

Bilbao BBK Live 2019: A triumph in the Basque mountains

Mount Cobetas, Bilbao 11 July

20 Questions: Eve

Eve tells us about the time she peed herself in front of Jamie Lee Curtis and more

NOS Primavera Sound review

NOS Primavera Sound 2019: Rosalía lives up to the hype as the Portuguese festival comes into its own

Parque da Cidade 6 June
Doja Cat

20 Questions: Doja Cat

Talking bad habits, clapbacks and The Big Cow with the LA-based artist

Murlo: My life as a mixtape

My life as a mixtape: Murlo

The Manchester-based producer lists the records that inspired his otherworldly visions