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Galcher Lustwerk might just be the most low-key artist working in electronic music today.

Moody and hypnotising, Lustwerk’s productions have inhabited a distinctive corner of house music since his 2015 debut. Galloping, repetitive beat loops swirl around his subtle stream-of-consciousness raps, creating a stylish sonic landscape that you can get lost in for hours on end. But it’s not just his music that possesses this subdued after-hours candour. Lustwerk himself is unflappable, speaking with a charming nonchalance that puts you at ease. When we caught up with him for 20 Questions, he was characteristically chill.

So, how would your friends describe you in three words?

Comfortable, nerdy, thoughtful.

What really gets on your nerves?

Hearing others coughing and sneezing. I’m a hypochondriac.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Gamers who stream on Twitch. They’ll sit and play a game for 10 hours straight and just be totally immersed. I’m easily distracted so it’s inspiring to see someone so dedicated to one activity, even if it’s a hobby like video games.

Are you easily distracted when you make music?

Yeah, sometimes I start a track, work on it for 15 minutes, then start doing something else in my room while the track loops forever in the background.

What would you want written on your tombstone?

“I play alone.”

Best survival tip for 2019?

White noise machine.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen happen at the club?

I remember being at a loft party in Providence [Rhode Island] and everyone picked up the plants and was tossing them around like inflatable beach balls.

Most embarrassing moment?

I peed my pants at De School.

Set too long?

It was before my set. I was peeing and was too deep in thought and forgot what I was doing, so accidentally went on myself. Doh.

What were you thinking about?

If I had forgotten my headphones or not – which I had. I ran to the hotel grabbed my headphones, changed my drawers and ran back just in time for my set.

What instantly cheers you up?


If you could give young Galcher one piece of advice, what would it be?

“Don’t delete your social media profiles every six months.”

What makes you delete them?

Just pure anxiety, but I got a business and that’s just the way it is.

Have you ever had any weird DMs?

I had a stalker for a moment and it was very scary. It was messages, emails and DMs for five straight months and then she eventually gave up.

What makes you laugh the hardest?

Hearing other people laugh hard makes me laugh hard, especially if they have a ridiculous laugh.

What’s your laugh like?

A dorky hyucking stoner laugh.

What was your favourite cartoon when you were a kid?


What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Exercise in school with asthma.

What’s the furthest you’ll go for love?

Pretty far, but I don’t want to kill anyone.

Have you seen that Burger King meme about you?

It’s spot on. Just perfect.

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