Welcome to Downtime: a regular series in which we ask our favourite artists for their cultural recommendations. This month, we catch up with Georgia.

First arriving in 2015 with her excellent self-titled debut album, Georgia was a promising leader at the forefront of a new wave of British artists. The album, a work that jumps between pop and electroclash, packs an emotional punch, exploring all the ways heartache can shape a person. It wasn’t until 2019 that we heard from the London-based singer and producer again – high-energy comeback single About Work the Dancefloor suggested she was an artist reinvigorated. Here, she tells us what she did with all that downtime.


Mary Shelley

For me, there is nothing better than losing myself in a book. Over the years I have taken this for granted, however recently I found myself enjoying some downtime (a rarity indeed) and picked up an old classic, Frankenstein. It’s pure genius and so poignant given the times we live in. Shelley’s language is beautiful and poetic, but her concepts are simple and accessible, making it an easy read that explores themes so relevant to today. It really is a book you can read in a matter of days and totally immerse yourself in its gothic beauty.


Dir. John Favreau

I really enjoy cooking, especially since I’m vegan and find myself cooking more and going out to eat less, just for matters of ease. I absolutely love this film, Chef – it’s a great insight into Los Angeles food culture and the phenomenon of food trucks. When I was 19, I visited Cuba, and also really enjoyed the references to Cuban food in the film. It’s a great feel good movie, one that I could watch over and over again!

The Shipwreck, 1805 © J M W Turner, courtesy of Tate Britain

Turner Collection

At Tate Britain

Whenever I can spare the time, I head to Tate Britain just to sit and stare at Joseph Turner’s paintings. An artist considered the ‘father of modern art’, his work is very classical, but I find it so calming and therapeutic to look at. I’ve spent so many hours just sitting in place and getting lost in my thoughts. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Seeking Thrills is out now via Domino Records


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