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It’s December 2014. The Berlin-based duo Easter lands in Argentina to begin their first Latin American tour ahead of their soon to be released fourth album New Cuisine Part II. It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and we spend a late afternoon with the moody synth-pop band by the swimming pool of their Buenos Aires hotel.

Stine Omar, of Norway, and Max Boss, of Germany, originally crossed paths in 2005 and started making music and short films together. Easterjesus is the umbrella for everything that they create together. “Easter is our baby whale,” Stine explains. “Everything began when we realised we had a decent amount of collaborations in all kinds of forms, and there was a need to give it a name. As soon as we made it official, the need for it to be pop came to be. The best moment in the life of Jesus was Easter and our best moments are when we are in each other’s brains. Easter 2006 was the first time I saw a bird lay an egg, which was later eaten by a cat.”

The duo’s melodramatic serial drama Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me features narration from Berlin-via-Bristol art-dub singer Anika and showcases another element of Easter’s creative output. The first series will be finished in the next few months, and will be shown via special premieres before being shared with the public online. The pilot and second episode were already shown in Buenos Aires at the Hyperlocal Festival in December. “Fortunately we are getting good reviews,” Stine says. “It’s something you should really watch before you die.”

How does it feel to be performing in South America for the first time, we ask. “I would say I feel the same as I feel after sitting in a plastic chair under the sun,” Stine replies. “I feel hungry, privileged, foreign, and a little lost. But definitely good. When we played the crowd was amazing. We would love to come back to South America.”

Easter climb out the pool, dry off and prepare to travel to Europe, where they have gigs scheduled in Paris and Leipzig and Vienna. Like their music, there’s a calm sense of melancholy to Easter’s demeanor. So what was it that first bound them together in the first place? “The forces of the universe played a role. Sadness, faith and the passion for a hot bowl of noodles.”