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An exclusive look at Daniel Avery’s new visual album.

Last month Daniel Avery surprise-released his new album Love + Light. Created during lockdown and released just a few weeks after its completion, the record is, in producer’s own words, Avery at his most “honest and raw”. Spanning 14 tracks, the album was made with memories of the club firmly in mind but also ventures into less dancefloor-oriented territory, with tracks like Katana offering moments of reprieve.

Now, to accompany Love + Light, Avery is releasing a set of visuals for every track on the record. Created by designer and artist Greg Hodgson, the visual album aims to replicate the feel of lights flashing in the club, dispensing with the narrative cliches of many electronic music videos in favour of a more abstract approach. To make the videos, Hodgson used a series of VHS feedback loops and analogue recording equipment, manipulating the signal to create the desired effects. The result is a companion piece to Love + Light that shifts and warps just as much as the album itself, ideally helping viewers transport themselves further into the world of Avery’s compositions.

Avery and Hodgson have given Crack Magazine a first-look at the visual album, which we’re premiering today. Watch below and read on for a chat with the producer about the new record.

What was the process of creating Love + Light like? Did lockdown change your approach in any significant way?
It’s the most relaxed I’ve been making a record. The time away from the road allowed me to take a breath and fully appreciate the music I’d been working on for the last year. From there it was almost as if the record formed itself in front of me; this particular set of tracks felt like an album the moment I put them together. That’s an elaborate way of saying that, as the world stopping spinning for a moment, I was able to make the most honest and raw music I’ve done yet.

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Why did you want a visual accompaniment to this album?
It’s something that has always felt important to me. I’m not a huge fan of narrative-led videos for electronic music – they all tend to come out exactly the same – but I can say that from a very early age I’ve been drawn to lights dancing about to sounds. That idea married to psychedelic imagery is enough to grab my attention from any angle. I find it addictive to watch.

When did you first come into contact with Greg Hodgson’s work?
Greg’s work entered my life like a shining star and I fell in love with it instantly. I can’t remember exactly how it happened but we started talking via Instagram and within days he’d offered to make something for me. The first piece was for my track Think About What You Love from the Song For Alpha sessions shortly followed by two videos for PSSU, my project with Richard Fearless.

Love + Light is out now via Phantasy.