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Two separate couples in Crack’s entourage got engaged last night. In the grand scheme of things, when putting together this opening gambit from Glastonbury, both of these events could well prove to be the highlight of the weekend. And it’s only day one. Are we peaking too soon?

If proof was ever needed of the magic that lies within Worthy Farm, talk to the first gent who on his 10th Glastonbury together with his long term girlfriend took her to the hill above Park Stage and proposed. The setting was the scene of some of their most unforgettable, formative memories. Then the second couple, the gent of which had exactly the same idea in the same spot, overlooking the whole of the site. Glastonbury means so much to so many, that events like these are regular here.

It’s still here. It’s still the best and we haven’t even started yet. Thursday night at Glastonbury has grown excellently in recent years and for many it now represents the fourth day of the festival proper. Between Circo Loco’s techno shakedown in The Blues, Cerrone and Kon’s disco get-down in Block 9 and full Shangri-la bursting into life early doors this year, Thursday kicked harder than any other year to date.

But it’s the instant return of what this place does to people on a deeper level that makes Glastonbury so essential. Special things happen here and for the two happy couples starting out on a marital life together just as we’re peering round the corner of another epic weekend, it’s gonna be a serious fucking ride.

Watch this space.