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Let’s start with yesterday’s big story: The Libertines.

With Florence being upgraded to the headline slot following Foo Fighters’ cancellation, a gaping space was left following Motorhead’s slot on the Pyramid Stage, and although there was sinister talk of a surprise set from Bastille, news stories started popping from legit publications about the ‘hot’ and ‘strong’ rumours that seemingly everyone’s definitive teenage band would be filling the slot.

There were a few more giveaways – a soundtrack of early Beatles and Britpop playing on the PA, a guitar tech turning Doherty’s distinctive Epiphone Coronet – so by the time the Up The Bracket artwork began to slowly unveil itself on the stage backdrop, the secret was already out.

Opening with The Delaney, the Libs played the majority of Up The Bracket, the highlights from their sophomore, a couple of not-so-encouraging new songs, Don’t Look Back Into The Sun and resurrected fan favourite You’re My Waterloo – which actually turned out to be a highlight.

The crowd, of course, went apeshit, and there’s an unmistakable warmth to these friendship-themed anthems. But to be honest, neither Doherty or Barat looked particularly excited to be here at all, and so it was one of those gigs that’s probably better if you’re watching the crowd rather than the band.

What about Friday’s other highlights? Mary J Blige unleashed tonnes of sass as she delivered an impassioned, hit-packed set while authoritatively strutting around the stage in colossal heels. Very cool. Seth Troxler and a handsome young man named Ben Price provided blissful refuge from the rain with an easygoing set in the sweaty, retro-themed Beat Hotel hotel, Run The Jewels’ good natured braggadocio proved to be fun for all the family and NTS DJ Nic Tasker played a set in the Stonebridge bar that which was so good that we convinced all our mates to come.

Stay tuned for our report of Kanye’s set later. We look forward to reading things like “he’s an idiot” and “Who the fuck cares? in the comments section.