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Weil es leichter ist, ohne Stil zu schreiben’ reads the enormous cracked stone slab adorning the cover of Minor Science’s debut album, Second Language. The statement translates to ‘because it’s easier to write without style’, a quote from the Irish novelist Samuel Beckett, when asked why he’d switched from writing in English, to writing in French.

Minor Science is the alias of Angus Finlayson, the Berlin-based, British-born producer to whom style frequently bears no boundaries. His unusual ability to blend, subvert and playfully deconstruct has led to some of the most exciting electronic music of the last decade. His releases on AD-93 (FKA Whities) and, earlier, The Trilogy Tapes, were quietly revelatory, slow-burning club distillations. In 2017, he took Paul Woolford’s hardcore alias Special Request in even tougher directions with his ruffneck unspooling of Stairfoot Lane Bunker. And then there was Volumes, an impossibly complex banger that inadvertently became one of the most remarkable club hits in recent memory.


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