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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

For our latest iteration, LA-based musician Alaska Reid, who is know for her captivating songwriting and introspective lyricism, curates a playlist that takes us on a journey from day through dusk and into nighttime.

Last month Reid released her debut full length album Disenchanter. Co-produced by A.G. Cook, Reid’s tracks draw on her life growing up in Southwestern Montana, offering narrative, diary-like vignettes via shimmering synths, dreamy guitar-pop and lilting Americana.

Inspired by late summer’s golden hues and starlit drives, the songs selected by Reid evoke winding mountain roads, a sense of introspection and a touch of magic. This includes Rostam’s reflective 4Runner, Phosphorescent’s soul-stirring Songs For Zula and other tracks from the likes of Big Thief, Tony Molina, Youth Lagoon and more. In describing the setting of this playlist, Alaska Reid says, “it’s probably late summer and the grass has turned yellow. Watch out for deer and look for constellations as you drive away from town lights.” Listen below.

Disenchanter is out now via Luminelle Recordings.