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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Anthony Naples and DJ Python are kindred spirits. The Brooklyn-based artists and one-time housemates have been on converging paths for quite some time now, with Python – real name Brian Piñeyro – releasing well-received records such as Mas Amable and Dulce Compañia via Incienso, the imprint Naples helms alongside Jenny Slattery. Piñeyro’s debut 12”, ¡Estéreo Bomba​!​ Vol. 1, landed on Naples’ Prohibito label back in 2016.

An encounter with the works of either musician is akin to a dip in gentle waters in a lush, balmy far-off world. Both strike a balance between easy, breezy listening and more detail-oriented – and often club-driven – terrain, with genres such as reggaeton, deep house and more ambient takes on techno forming part of their meditative signatures. 

Earlier this month, Naples and Piñeyro teamed up to curate a new compilation for New York label Air Texture. The compilation, much like their entry into our Selections series, is an amalgamation of the pair’s shared tastes. They’ll put these mutual interests to good use next month too, as they go b2b at this year’s edition of Ortigia Sound System in Syracuse, Italy.

Speaking on the playlist, which ambles through languid tracks chosen by Naples before making room for Piñeyro’s stirring picks, Naples described it as a collection of music fit to be listened to “on a home stereo or [a] club system”.

Anthony Naples and DJ Python play Ortigia Sound System, Syracuse, on 27-31 July