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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Dis Fig excels at sculpting sonic terrains that bristle with raw intensity and soaring drone transcendence. Having worked with The Bug and formed part of Tianzhuo Chen’s TRANCE performance-art series, the Berlin-based artist – aka Felicia Chen – most recently teamed up with experimental metal duo The Body for the heady and otherworldly sonic ritualism of Orchards of a Futile Heaven.

This coming weekend, Dis Fig will present a new work at Somerset House Studios, a commission which she has developed over a three-month residency at the London artistic space. The premiere will also see her collaborate with drummer and producer Sam Jones.

Ahead of the performance, Chen curates a hefty playlist driven by emotive experimentation and featuring the likes of Senyawa, DUMA’s Lord Spikeheart, Lucy Liyou and a collaboration between DJ SCOTCH BONNET – aka DJ Scotch Egg – and SENSATIONAL.  “Here’s a selection of tunes/records that I’m currently digging,” Chen says. “What binds them together is that they all inspire me and make me feel something, and of course they feel weighty and moody. Respect and flowers to them all.” Delve in below.

Dis Fig plays at Somerset House Studios, London, on 23 March as part of Assembly