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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

LA Timpa, the Nigeria-born, Canada-raised producer and musician, provides us with a curated collection of powerful, woozy and spectral tracks from his own catalogue, covering ground and sounds from 2016 up until last year, as he reflects on his past endeavours and harmonises them with his present day life and works. For those unfamiliar with the criminally under-the-radar artist, the new playlist can act as both a bespoke primer and an “unofficial or perhaps premature ‘Best Of’ collection” of his music from the aforementioned period.

His choices – which include a handful of amorphous sketch-like tunes from third album Pity by One All Good Treasure, his must-listen link-up with duo Space Afrika on their Dais debut Honest Labour and the title track from his 2016 debut EP – were picked, he tells us, as they “resonate in some ways” with where he’s at currently. “[It’s] also fascinating to revisit these recordings and songs today,” says the artist, who will soon appear at Le Guess Who? as part of a guest-curated programme from Warp’s Slauson Malone 1, “a number of them have been showing up recently in live performances, in different forms.” Dive in.

LA Timpa plays Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, on 9-12 November