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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

For their new album Ahora – which is out today – Melenas proposed the question “can you make jangle pop and garage rock with synthesizers?” and the result is emphatically affirmative.

Abounding in cosmic analogue synth melodies, fuzz-laden guitars and dreamy vocal harmonies, the third record from the Spanish four-piece is a hypnotic, psychedelic sonic oasis. Following on from their self-titled debut and 2020’s Dias Raros, Melenas’ latest offering sees them harness their creative synergy with compelling suavity to further explore the pop expanses of their sound, drawing on krautrock and new wave influences along the way.

For their Selections playlist, the Pamplona-based quartet provide a range of transportive tracks – tapping into the transcendent quality of their own music. “We collected some songs that inspire us and accompany us through different moments,” Melenas tell us. “You can listen to them while you cook, work or drive… They will carry you to different landscapes, from the desert to the dance floor, or maybe to your bed, looking up to the sky.” Press play and let the music carry you away.

Ahora is out now via Trouble In Mind.