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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Glasser, like many, is a constant consumer of music, wrapping herself up in new and familiar soundworlds all day, every day as she goes about life. The US artist otherwise known as Cameron Mesirow plugs into this deep-seated passion here as she curates a broad playlist that shrugs off theme in lieu of mood; these are simply the songs that make her feel good, shared in the run-up to her forthcoming album crux.

Releasing next week (6 October) via One Little Independent, the whimsical, wistful full-length excitingly marks her first new album in 10 years. Her return, she explained in a press statement at the time of its announcement, stemmed from a positive experience during which she began lessons in Balkan singing. “I wanted to try to learn all this vocal gymnastic stuff that I was listening to in the Bulgarian state television choir records. I started writing songs and working toward an album,” she said.

Her Selections entry offers a glimpse into the tunes and artists that have been in her mind and ears more recently. “I have a few friends on here, and songs that make me think of landscapes, or add to my existing ones…,” Mesirow begins, as she runs us through some of her picks. “Robbie Lee is a very dear friend who plays winds and reeds all over crux. He makes so much music and releases things all the time, and yet, there are a million unheard tracks of his that I wish I could share here. I have depended on his playing and thoughtful feedback a lot in the past few years.”

Elsewhere, the playlist meanders through artists with more personal connections to Mesirow, including Melati ESP (“Melati and I met in NY about a year ago and I was in love with her music right away”), Arp (“another close friend whose attention to detail and mood make his music and our friendship very fun for me”) and Lomond Campbell, with whom she met and collaborated with at his home in the Scottish Highlands. “I love when instrumental music has a lead voice which is a kind of character you remember,” says Mesirow, “and that’s how I feel about his music. He makes great things, songs and machines, and they all seem to have their own special character language.”

A link-up with friend and collaborator Peder Mannerfelt brings the playlist to a close, its metallic juddering and ethereal motifs closing the page on a playlist that also makes room for offerings from Fatima Al Qadiri, Lucrecia Dalt, Bendik Giske, ascendent vierge and Choir Boy – plus a lush cover of Wuthering Heights.

crux is out on 6 October via One Little Independent