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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

We’re excited to welcome shapeshifting Brooklyn duo Water from Your Eyes to the series for an offering that’s every bit as visceral (affecting, even) as their project name. Earlier this year, the pair – real names Rachel Brown and Nate Amos – released their latest album Everyone’s Crushed via Matador, marking their debut for the esteemed indie giant. 

Their Selections offering, shared ahead of an appearance at Pop Montreal over in Canada – where’ll they’ll likely be greeted with fans old and also new, off the back of the well-received LP – features plenty of moving melodies and vivid storytellers, past and present. Drifting from dreamy piano works (see Debussy, or a decidedly chill Beatles rework) to mood-boosting rhythms from the Avalanches and perennial karaoke staples like Dreaming and Rhinestone Cowboy, this one evades any obvious categorisation in the same vein as its humble creators and their own releases. It’s a heartfelt and energising listen even in its mellow, more contemplative moments, which invite you to pause and reset.

Expanding on the curatorial process behind this one, they muse: “Music has the ability to live for so many lifetimes, from its inception to the first time you listen, from then until it once more touches somebody else’s heart. These are songs that have touched ours, and that we hope will live on in the hearts of others, giving in eternity…” Plug in and dream on. 

Water from Your Eyes play Pop Montreal, Canada, from 27 September – 1 September