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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Naomi Sharon is the singer, songwriter and OVO Sound affiliate making cosmic R&B anchored by a distinctive, timeless voice that brings to mind the likes of Sade. Her debut album Obsidian – out now via the label, which she joined earlier this year as its first woman signee – is an open, confident exploration of Sharon’s innermost feelings, and themes of healing, heartbreak and rebirth. For Selections, Sharon curates a playlist of melodies to soothe the soul from the likes of August Rosenbaum, Cleo Sol, Eddie Chacon and Vidura Barrios, with a chilled remix of album track Another Live also woven in.

“I hold firm the belief that music wields the capacity to mend hearts and minds, transcending words to touch the depths of our souls. In this carefully chosen collection of songs, my intention is for the listener to follow me on a journey, where every note becomes a loving embrace and words become, like on Eddie Chacon’s Wicked World, a mantra for the heart,” she shares, offering insight into her curatorial process. “I hope you will discover the profound magic of healing for yourselves, finding comfort in the cosmic language of music.”

“Choosing this theme for this playlist is all about recognising how music has this amazing power to touch us deep inside,” Sharon adds. “I believe that music can bring comfort and healing, like it did for me while recording my debut album Obsidian. Each song in this collection is like a musical blanket, carefully picked to make you feel better when you listen, reminding you of the magic that music brings to our lives.”

Obsidian is out now via OVO Sound