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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Space Afrika make emotive electronic music rooted in everyday life and real-world experiences. The duo, comprised of Manchester producers Joshua Inyang and Joshua Tarelle (though the latter currently lives in Berlin), alchemise ambient, dub and downtempo – along with spoken word snippets and other field recordings – into contemplative tunes and sound collages.

When we caught up with the pair last year to discuss their critically acclaimed second album Honest Labour, Inyang shared that he’d been listening to artists who’d “changed moments in time” within music. This Buy Music Club playlist, curated by Space Afrika exclusively for Crack Magazine, nods to these listening habits as it spotlights a bevy of musicians expanding their respective sounds towards new frontiers.

From the subtle indie-pop of Hana Vu through to a soothing new song from Klein via works from the likes of Jawnino and 3o, Rey Sapienz, Sevdaliza and No Home, the playlist features a grab bag of ideas and musical expressions beamed direct from Space Afrika’s own play queues.

“This is what we’re listening to on Bandcamp right now – real good shit,” state the pair. “Please enjoy.”

Space Afrika play Intonal Festival on 20-24 April