Internet Songs of the Week

Some songs of note from the past week of music

This was the week that saw HudMo smash some happy hardcore over the heads of grinning Glasgow youths, Evian Christ unveil an art exhibition that sheds light on the ‘ongoing Trance War’, Anton Newcombe stand up to the giants over at Apple, and JME going to see Jurassic Park and really, really not enjoying it in any way, shape or form.

And now it’s time for Internet Songs of the Week. The fun never stops, does it?

Read on for our faves and not so faves of the past seven days.

DJ Bone - Tipping Point


Detroit techno heavyweight DJ Bone shows his gentler side on this delicate, rumbling track, that mines the colourful yet tough style Bone manages to nail every, single, time. Eyes down techno.

Anna Tehabsim

Refused - Dawkins Christ

Epitaph Records

I love Refused, I truly love them. The Shape Of Punk To Come didn’t just indelibly change the landscape of hardcore/post-hardcore music; it changed me. So this listless rehash of one of the most revolutionary sounds of my lifetime literally hurts. Man, this is gonna be a tough album review.

Geraint Davies


Ausmuteants - Echo Beach

Hozac Records

My mum went to see Martha & The Muffins back in the day, and she reckons they played Echo Beach three times. That sounds awesome. Let Ausmuteants remind you just how good that song with this bratty cover version. 

Davy Reed

Sydanie - Life on Repeat


Jesus, this came on after another, more innocuous song on Soundcloud and it completely blindsided me. Sydanie raps about rape, racism, feminism, and religion, all in three minutes, and it’s so raw it’ll get you right in the temple too.

Sammy Jones

Wolfbastard - Sick in the Bath

This is a song by Mancunian grindcore posse Wolfbastard. It goes like this “Sick in the bath, sick in the bath, sick in the fucking bath!”

I reckon it’s probably the best song I’ve ever heard.

Billy Black


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