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With the release of the new album, we got in touch with the band to give us an in-depth look at the record, one track at a time

Mount Kimbie’s third album, Love What Survives is out today, and frankly it’s a belter on heavy rotation in the Crack office. With features from Micachu, King Krule and James Blake, the record is charged with an emotional resonance, and reminds us of what made Mount Kimbie such an exiting band back in 2010 when Crooks and Lovers came out. True to the duo’s previous form, the record is packed with intricacy, and with the aforementioned collaborations there’s much to delve into. We got in touch with Kai Campos from the band to take us through each track on the record and help unpack what’s within.

Read on to find out what went into the making of the record, and read our review of the album here.