Selections: Slam

Welcome back to Selections: a series of exclusive artist-curated Spotify playlists from those in the know.

One of the hardest-working and longest-running entities in the Glasgow scene, Slam move with an understated confidence. They are the brains behind the Maximum Pressure warehouse parties in the Scottish city, they host a long-running radio series and play monthly at the legendary Sub Club – where their night Return to Mono invites some of the finest DJs in modern techno. Their label, Soma records, is also staggeringly prolific.

One of their largest projects to date is Riverside Festival which they run in Glasgow, and it strikes the balance between nails-techno and groove-driven house and disco to suit the needs of any outdoor raver. This playlist focuses on the acts they’ve pulled in for the festival’s eighth year, and it gradually builds like a set of theirs might over the course of a night.

“The aim of this selection was to choose some of our favourite moments in electronic music and to somehow make those individual tracks tell a story,” they sid. “[We start] with some ambient moments, move into post-punk-inspired New Beat, and end with full-on techno which people might expect to hear from us when we play at peak time.”

Slam bring their hybrid live set to Riverside Festival, Glasgow, 12-13 September