The Futures of Music: Metaphors, Robots and Questioning AI

Recently, Spotify announced it was hiring an AI music specialist. Should we be concerned or is it time we ran an update on the man vs. machine narrative?

When did music journalism stop wielding the axe?

In a destabilised music industry, negative criticism is in a decline. But journalists must resist the suppression of honest reviews, argues The Quietus‘ Luke Turner

tyler the creator

Tyler, the Creator’s ‘coming out’ proves the media has a problem with the complexities of queer experience

Jake Hall assesses the response of the mainstream music press after lyrics on a leaked Tyler, the Creator track prompted speculation around his sexuality

Perspective: Standing up to the DUP

In light of the recent developments in UK politics, Anna Cafolla lays out the toxic policies of the DUP party and those fighting against them

Perspective: Seeking Refuge, Respect and Hip-Hop

Liverpool-based Iranian rapper Farhood recalls how his passion for music aligned with his seeking asylum in the UK, and how he’s working to tell others’ stories

The Mandem Need You: Can Grime4Corbyn succeed where Red Wedge failed?

Tom Watson explores a very 2017 movement – and its echoes with pop’s Red Wedge coalition three decades ago

Records to Research: A personal journey with music and mental health

Dr. George Musgrave aka Context MC reflects on his personal path which spans major label publishing deals and groundbreaking academic research

Perspective: Poly Styrene, the Postmodern Punk Prophetess

Celeste Bell remembers the lyrical legacy of her mother – the late, great punk rocker Poly Styrene

Perspective: Tales from the Comment Section

Sirin Kale examines the makeshift revival of forums and the politics of ‘woke bros’ in electronic music

The Tedious Contradictions of John Lydon

John Lydon is used to ruffling feathers with performed contrarianism. We scrutinise his track record and ask if, in the age of Trump, it’s time he retired his routine

Perspective: The Real Potential of Our Digital Dreaming

Internet Age Media’s Andrés Colmenares argues that the internet can be used to redistribute power – if we harness the potential of imagined utopias

Brits 2017: A continued snub of the black British experience

Last night the #BritsSoWhite backlash reappeared. Bex Shorunke argues that the racial undertones are not imagined here, they are apparent.

Perspective: Maria Minerva remembers Mark Fisher’s Infectious Intellectualism

Musician Maria Minerva, one of Mark Fisher’s former students, reflects on his legacy as one of our most essential thinkers

How KLF Communications Killed the Music Industry (the Easy Way)

Following the announcement that Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty are reviving their Justified Ancients of Mu Mu project, we trace the legacy of pop’s arch-provocateurs

Remembering Nat Hentoff, an acclaimed critic and singular voice

Francis Blagburn celebrates the life of an influential and, at times, controversial columnist, novelist and jazz critic who died on 7 January

Perspective: Wolfgang Tillmans says All is Not Lost

The artist and social activist still believes that progressive, compassionate values can return and thrive