A Final Fuck You:
Revisiting Suicide’s
Last Ever Show

In the wake of Alan Vega’s death, Suzie McCracken looks back on Suicide’s final show and considers how performance in the face of illness might be the most punk act she’s ever witnessed

The Land Is Ours

Nikesh Shukla is a novelist, screenwriter, and the editor of Rife Magazine. Here he considers the impact of Brexit on the UK’s disempowered youth

How Glastonbury could decide the fate of Britain
in Europe

Joseph Charlton examines whether the exodus of Glasto-goers this week will affect the already “knife-edge” EU vote

Against Trump

How rap’s hive mind has turned against a certain Republican figure

Is Lemonade
sweet enough for Beyoncé’s audience?

Ngaio Anyia studies how the attitudes of Beyoncé’s audience will be forced to evolve in the wake of ‘Lemonade’

Prince Set Me On
My SassyBlack Path

One half of THEESatisfaction and integral member of radical outsider collectives, SassyBlack discusses Prince’s crucial influence on her identity

What did Top Boy do for grime?

As Drake and Skepta conspire to bring back Top Boy Ruby Atkin looks back at the series and discusses its impact on the genre that fed its aesthetic

Reclaim the Club

Music critic and Discwoman member Michelle Lhooq discusses the recent debates around the “safe spaces” club policy

Fear of Formation

Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff discusses the negative reaction to Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ in the wider context of race relations in the US

Watching Kanye at Cardiff Cineworld

Xavier Boucherat heads over to one of the the Welsh capital’s prime screens to catch an earful of ‘The Life of Pablo’

Mozart and The Mistress:
The Role of Music in BDSM

Kamila Rymajdo delves into a world of sissy training and water sports to discover the importance of music in BDSM

London to Tokyo

In this month’s perspective Butterz founder and prolific grime DJ Elijah reflects on the connection between London and Tokyo and what that suggests for the genre’s culture

Stormzy for Crack Magazine

#AwardsSoWhite: how minority achievement is
being blacked out

Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff offers her thoughts on increasingly out of touch awards ceremonies that fail to tackle minority representation

Speaking out is hard to do: why Amber Coffman‘s assault call-out is so inspiring

Crack’s Sammy Jones considers the liberating power of one woman’s courageous call-out of the music industry’s patriarchal bent

Perspective: Counterculture and Socialist Strategy

Alex Niven is a lecturer and writer based in Newcastle. With the Labour Party’s leftwing leader Jeremy Corbyn receiving widespread support in the UK, here Niven wonders if progressive music can regain its countercultural potency

Lust For Youth’s best tweets

A round-up of Lust For Youth’s best jokes on Twitter