Anohni, the truth-teller

As 2023 draws to a close, the world more broken than ever, Anohni is unequivocal: we must face the truth, however hard that may be. Read the landmark December cover story

Anohni and the Johnsons: My Back Was a Bridge For You to Cross review

Anohni and the Johnsons’ first album in 13 years is an urgent, gorgeously arranged meditation on the violence endured by society’s misfits. It also makes one thing abundantly clear: hope is not gone yet

News / 01.02.23

ANOHNI and Marti Wilkerson have edited a new book about the Blacklips theatre collective

The forthcoming book and its companion compilation will focus on history and impact of New York’s Blacklips Performance Cult

Anohni – Paradise EP

A companion piece to ‘Hopelessness’, this follow-up EP isn’t an easy record to listen to, but it is an important one

News / 15.03.17

Anohni asks fans to share their vulnerabilities in exchange for an exclusive track

There’s a missing song from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming Paradise EP – and there’s only one way to get it

News / 26.01.17

ANOHNI announces new Paradise EP, shares title track

ANOHNI has announced a new EP to be released in March. Paradise is her first…

News / 17.01.17

CocoRosie and ANOHNI team up for anti-Trump track ‘Smoke ‘Em Out’

The song is meant to “inspire the weary-disappointed hearts of so many crest-fallen citizens”. CocoRosie…

News / 11.10.16

ANOHNI calls out Apple Music, says they are “McDonalds of tech”

ANOHNI has criticised the streaming service, saying, “The income streams of musicians have all been…

News / 04.08.16

David Bowie, ANOHNI and Skepta nominated for Mercury Prize

The nominations are in! The Mercury Prize have announced the shortlist for this year’s award….

News / 03.08.16

Listen to ANOHNI and Oneohtrix Point Never’s Annie Mac session

The pair played two unreleased songs alongside Hopelessness cuts Drone Bomb Me and Why Did…

News / 27.06.16

ANOHNI has slammed Brexit in a Facebook post

In a now deleted post ANOHNI said that Brexit is an opportunity for the rich…

News / 01.06.16

Anohni to walk 110 miles across desert to protest uranium mining

The avant garde vocalist will trek across Western Australia in solidarity with the Martu of…

ANOHNI – Hopelessness

‘Hopelessness’ is beautiful and disturbing in equal measures

Playlists / 14.04.16

April 2016 Playlist

Kicking off with A. K. Paul’s futuristic Landcruisin’, this month’s playlist sees Young Thug produce some top tier slime and Sonic Youth members return

Long Reads / 04.04.16

Reclaim the Club

Music critic and Discwoman member Michelle Lhooq discusses the recent debates around the “safe spaces” club policy

News / 09.03.16

Watch Anohni appear on French talk show Le Grand Journal

“My spirit sides with the feminine. If you had to divide humanity into two groups,…