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This is Cue Points, a series where DJs get granular with current tracks in their sets, giving us the low-down on what makes them work.

HAAi understands the value in prioritising fun. In fact, as the Australian DJ and producer shares with us for Cue Points, it’s this embrace of a cheeky, feel-good playfulness that’s become a trademark in her euphoria-rooted sets in the years since (and including) her breakout residency at south London’s Phonox, which commenced in 2016. In keeping with her alias, London-based HAAi maintains this spirit-soaring M.O. across her releases too, including 2022 full-length debut, Baby, We’re Ascending and her recent entry to the revered DJ-Kicks series.

Last month, HAAi journeyed to Brussels for the 2023 edition of Nuits Sonores and European Lab Brussels. A regular at the festival – both the Brussels gathering, and the flagship Lyon event – HAAi was tapped for a takeover, inviting the likes of Josey Rebelle, SCALER, Vegyn, Tai Lokun and LUXE to cultural venue Bozar for an evening on the dancefloor. Last weekend (26 November), she took a trip to Lyon, too, for a Le Sucre show alongside French artist LB aka LABAT.

It’s here, on the floor, that we find HAAi once again, as she talks us through the music and process behind her sets. “These five tracks have been on heavy rotation recently, and I loved spinning at Nuits Sonores,” HAAi begins. “They are all high-energy and span slightly different genres. Some newer tunes like Errotica’s Get Down mixed with heritage artists like Cirez D. They have all felt like staple go-to’s in recent times. There is a kind of drama in each of these tracks that represents my style as a DJ very well, from long energetic breakdowns to high-energy vocal samples. They are all standout tracks individually, but together showcase  the twists and turns that are key to my sets.”

Grand V – Accrosport

Accrosport is so infectious! The vocal chop is an immediate call to dance. That, combined with the bright snare and hats, arcade-y synth and trancy bass sound, makes Accrosport an adrenaline shot to any room. It’s a statement of intent to open a set with this.

Nickon Faith – Don’t You Make Me Wait (Jon Selbo remix)

This is another new one for my sets. Jon [Selbo] did such a killer job with remixing this. I adore how the track builds out of the bridge and suddenly transforms from spacious sound design to upfront percussion. The tremolo synth is super psychedelic too – which we’re all about.

Errotica – Get Down

I only came across it recently, but Get Down has quickly become a staple in my shows. It’s such a reliable track to inject some funk and vibrancy mid-set. It has such a lively rhythm and the drums are contagious. It encourages a liberated and carefree atmosphere, urging the audience to let loose, embrace the moment and ascend.

Pegassi – Yoyoyo

Yoyoyo is pure fun, which is such an important element in my sets – trademark in fact. It serves as an anchor, infusing renewed energy into the party. It’s upbeat, it’s catchy, it’s playful. It’s the key to rejuvenating a dancefloor during an extended set.

Cirez D – Raptor

Raptor is arranged so well. It’s a journey of ups versus downs, atmosphere versus intensity, blended synth and vocal layers verus driving percussion. I’ve had many a night where this rolls on, drawing the crowd into a sustained chill quite hypnotically, before releasing them into a euphoric state as all of the elements emerge again into a beautiful stack of energy.