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Welcome back to Selections, a series of artist-curated playlists from those in the know.

Nicholas Daley is a London-based designer who has long embraced the cultural history and musical lineage of the city he calls home within his innovative, disruptive designs, as he also nods to his Scottish and Jamaican heritage through textures, fabrics and cuts, as well as his Leicester upbringing. In past interviews, he’s talked in depth about the pillars that continue to guide him through the design process – “community, craftsmanship and culture” – with an attention-to-detail and appreciation for the past felt in all that he does. This all rings true to his work within more musical spheres, too, from DJ mixes to mentoring and grants for unsigned artists via brand campaigns and an exhibition and film that placed music and music-makers front and centre. For Daley, it’s all part of the same ever-evolving story.

Next month, Daley will pool many of his creative influences and passions into a one-night takeover at London’s much-loved Southbank Centre, fittingly entitled Woven Rhythms.There will be a panel on the reggae, punk and alternative soundscapes featuring Pauline Black, Dennis Bovell MBE, Wu-Lu and Delilah Holliday – plus host Zakia Sewell – alongside events with artists like Nubya Garcia, Talvin Singh, Coby Sey and Lucinda Chua. There will also be a Sinai Sound System-powered late-nighter for the stamina crew.

Daley’s Selections playlist function as a primer on many of the artists he’s collaborating with for the cultural takeover. “Weaving together a sonic tapestry, the event will be one night, four spaces celebrating diversity, community and bass culture at the Southbank Centre, says Daley, “I hope this playlist gives a taste of the wide range of soundscapes which I truly love and what I feel also showcases the rich diversity of the city which I am based”. Listen below.

Nicholas Daley’s Woven Rhythms takeover runs on 15 September at Southbank Centre, London