Franklin De Costa

Under a myriad of aliases, Berlin legend Franklin De Costa has been quietly releasing challenging, forward-facing house and techno for the best part of 20 years. Always operating in unconventional territories, he is well known in underground circles as one of the most consistently interesting and innovative DJ-producers at work in the city. 

Day to day, De Costa spends his time running the Mothers Finest parties, which take place at Berlin’s sleaziest club spot, Griessmuehle. In many ways, the parties feel closely linked to current happenings in London and Bristol: line-ups invariably feature at least a handful of artists from the network surrounding Timedance, Hessle and Livity Sound, and crowds take to broken rhythms, heavy subs and nonlinear structures in a way not often seen in Berlin.

Franklin’s mix for us coincides with the release of his excellent new EP – a collaboration with fellow underground favourite, New York’s DJ Spider, released this month on Berceuse Heroique. The mix pits industrial techno against nimble, UK-rooted rhythms, space-age pads and bleeping synths, featuring tracks by Crack favourites Ploy, Airhead, Pessimist and Duckett.

Mother’s Finest returns to Griessmuehle on 25th November for a 24 hour party featuring Hodge, Machine Woman, Kyle Hall, Anthony Naples, Minor Science, Willow, DJ Normal 4 and more.


C.K. & S.P.O.R.T.S. – Numero Uno
Colours of Infinity – Lodestar
Caterina Barbieri – Scratches on the Readable Surface
Ekoplekz – Slipstream
Neinzer – unreleased
Airhead – Antipolo
Ploy – Zoom
Crank – Jerk
Brainwaltzera – poly ana summers [schoolyard surph beat]
DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa – Astral Pilot
Nummer – Track De Relaxation
Spatial – Isotope Scan
Actress – X22RME
Duckett – She Answered Back Through No Medium
Jonas Friedlich – Phant Durant
Pessimist – Peter Hitchens
Zerkalo – Warning You
Holovr – You Belong
Lester – The Fish
Peder Mannerfelt – Breaking Pattern
The Nag’s Head – You Can’t Make an Omelette Without Breaking a Few Eggs