Ghostface Killah

The genius of Ghostface Killah in 20 tracks

In honour of Supreme Clientele‘s 20th anniversary, we break down the career of the legendary Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah and Czarface – Czarface Meets Ghostface

The superhuman rappers are back in action, trading blows over grubby beats and East Coast hip-hop

News / 05.10.17

Ghostface Killah is launching a cryptocurrency company

The firm’s name, Cream Capital, is a reference to the Wu-Tang single C.R.E.A.M.

News / 04.04.17

Jorja Smith, Ghostface Killah and more announced for Outlook Festival’s 10th anniversary

September will mark a milestone for the Croatian festival

News / 09.02.16

Ghostface Killah responds to Martin Shkreli with PowerPoint presentation

Ghostface Killah offers zero apologies Ok, we all know the backstory by now but just…

News / 03.02.16

Martin Shkreli says he would smack Ghostface Killah “right in the face”

“The most hated man in America” continues his excruciating plummet to the bottom with a cringe-inducing…

News / 29.01.16

Martin Shkreli addresses Ghostface Killah in threatening new video

Surrounded by his “goons” and sipping wine from a stemless wineglass, Shkreli attempts to give…

News / 29.12.15

Ghostface Killah hints at MF DOOM collab for February

This time it looks like it’s actually going to happen Ghostface Killah and DOOM have…

News / 30.11.15

DOOM shares mini-doc A Villainous Adventure

A rare glimpse into the rap enigma’s world DOOM has been relatively quiet since the…

Raekwon: Striving for Perfection

The Wu-Tang rapper aims for nothing less than a chef-d’oeuvre

Wu-Tang Clan

Internal-feuding is nothing new for the Wu-Tang Clan. In fact, the kind of drama that…

ghostface killah photographed in front of a brick wall

Ghostface Killah always has a story to tell

We meet Ghostface Killah in London to chat the past, present and future of the Wu-Tang Clan