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Listen to our favourite new music of the past month


Granny are a Brooklyn-based, lo-fi ‘couch-punk’ trio who sing about super relatable things like attempting to call your crush multiple times without coming off as creepy, being drunk and weird, and the regret that comes with sleeping with someone you probably shouldn’t have. Leslie Hong’s part-bratty, part- confessional vocals jam together with her scuzzed-out guitar lines, Jenny Moffett’s melodic bass and Mattie Siegel’s loose drums to form perfect pop songs on dating and dudes and offer up a girl’s eye view on New York nightlife. Their first release, the innocuously-named EGG EP, is wall-to-wall hits, and though the tunes deal in very millennial messes, the record has a heart of gold that will warm you right through.

Sammy Jones

Muncie Girls / Slutever


Olivier Heim

Dutch songwriter Olivier Heim has been around for a little while; first as a member of Très.b. and later as a solo artist playing breezy acoustic folk pop under the stage name Anthony Chorale. Now, recording under his birth name, Heim has marked out a fresh start with recent debut LP A Different Life – a striking collection of songs based around shimmering textures, subtly off-kilter synths and smooth falsetto vocals. His focused aesthetic extends beyond his music though, and the videos for tracks Far Apart and Ocean invite us into his world of pastel shades, dappled sunlight, and nautical, 70’s-esque antics – we’re sold.

Steve Mallon

Erlend Øye / TOPS


Allan Kingdom

You might not know Allan Kingdom’s name yet, but you’ve heard his voice. Having sung the hook to Kanye West’s single All Day (and flown to London last minute to dodge flame-throwers for the infamous BRITS performance) after a few years in the underground, the Minnesota-based artist recently dropped his Northern Lights mixtape on his 22nd birthday to considerable fanfare.

Executively produced by Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s former managers, Northern Lights has a sunny, experimental sound palette, and Kingdom can be heard wearing his heart on his sleeve with tales of relationships and struggles for success with a vocal style that’s reminiscent of Chance The Rapper’s elastic croak. There seems to be a good deal of industry power behind Allan Kingdom, so expect to see a lot more of him in 2016.

Davy Reed

Overdoz / Chance The Rapper


Aldous R.H

Manchester-based songsmith Aldous R.H’s most versatile instrument might be his voice. Floating between peaks of helium-infused strangeness, deadpan intonations and a sleepy, broken drawl, it provides the perfect lead to his otherworldly music. Best defined as psychedelic pop, Aldous’ output centres around alluring atmospheres, wryly romantic lyrics and heavy washes of reverb. While Aldous has an LP and various mixtapes out, his prolific Soundcloud also offers a refreshingly unpolished and broadly experimental selection of his music; making it easy to keep uncovering new gems.

Steve Mallon

Homeshake / Connan Mockasin