Black Midi Interview

Inside the buzz of Black Midi

The young London band are making some of the country’s most esoteric new guitar music. Crack Magazine meets the group at Lewisham’s MFA Bowl for a match

7 Day Theory

Under Covers: The untold story behind Tupac’s haunting The 7 Day Theory artwork

Under Covers is a new series tracing the stories behind classic and groundbreaking album artworks….

Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time kicked open the doors for a generation of pop provocateurs

Alim Kheraj studies the legacy of the pop star’s debut album, 20 years on from its original release

Epizode Festival 2019: The Vietnamese festival blends exuberance with dancefloor endurance

Phu Quoc, Vietnam 28 December

Dear Frankie: Tips on self-care and sticking to New Year’s resolutions

The Discwoman co-founder answers a second round of questions from Crack Magazine’s readers

Shabaka Hutchings Interview

Shabaka Hutchings has something to say

We meet the visionary leader ushering in London’s jazz revolution

We spoke to Joe Pearlman, director of Bros: After the Screaming Stops

‘Bros: After The Screaming Stops’ was a runaway iPlayer hit of the holiday period

Circle of Live Funkhaus © Johan Sundell

Sebastian Mullaert’s Circle of Live explored the possibilities of improvisational techno at Funkhaus

Funkhaus 20 December

Inside WRWTFWW Records, the idiosyncratic label fuelling interest in long-forgotten releases

We catch up with the label’s founders to rifle through their back catalogue and make sense of the renewed interest in obscure releases