News / 09.06.23

Listen to Radiohead’s OK Computer reimagined as Nintendo 64 songs

Following on from ‘In Rainbow Roads’ earlier this year, Youtuber on4word has recreated another of Radiohead’s releases using sounds from the video game console

News / 20.03.23

Radiohead to release new music in the next couple of years

This latest update from Selway follows on from an interview he did earlier in the year in which the Radiohead drummer said the five-piece were set “to get together at the start of [2023]”

News / 23.01.23

Radiohead’s In Rainbows has been recreated using Super Mario 64 sounds

The reworked version of the Radiohead release, made entirely from Nintendo 64 sounds, has been created by Youtuber on4word

News / 09.01.23

Radiohead set to “get together” early this year

The band’s drummer Philip Selway revealed the news in an interview with ‘Spin’

News / 24.05.22

Watch Sote’s mesmerising new video for track Life

The video by Tarik Barri offers a mesmerising array of vibrant pixels and intricate digital visuals

News / 24.02.22

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have penned music for the new season of Peaky Blinders

The show returns for its sixth and final season this weekend (27 February)

News / 05.01.22

Radiohead side project The Smile share first single

The new song, entitled ‘You Will Never Work in Television Again’, is the work of Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Sons of Kemet’ Tom Skinner

News / 01.11.21

Radiohead release studio version of Follow Me Around, share new video

The accompanying visual stars actor Guy Pearce

News / 21.10.21

Radiohead’s entire catalogue has been released on Bandcamp

From OK Computer to A Moon Shaped Pool

I See You

A list of Thom Yorke’s best remixes to date

Working under several guises – Atoms for Peace, Man on Fire – the Radiohead frontman has put his own spin on tracks by MF DOOM, Four Tet and Major Lazer. We chart his best reworks so far

News / 21.09.21

Artworks created for Radiohead’s Kid A album go up for auction

Thom Yorke has partnered with Christie’s to present works by artist and Radiohead collaborator Stanley Donwood

News / 10.09.21

Radiohead announce Kid A Mnesia virtual exhibition

The band have teamed up with Epic Games on the digital experience, which ties into their upcoming ‘Kid A Mnesia’ reissue project

I See You
News / 13.07.21

Thom Yorke shares new nine-minute remix of Creep

The slowed-down rendition of the band’s hit song was produced for a fashion show earlier this year

News / 16.06.21

Radiohead donate Kid A test pressing to charity raffle

The Gig Buddies raffle also includes signed prizes and music merchandise from IDLES, Slowdive and Florence and the Machine

Thom Yorke The Smile
News / 24.05.21

BBC to air Glastonbury’s Live at Worthy Farm highlights and documentary

The corporation will broadcast a director’s cut as part of ‘The Glastonbury Experience 2021’

I See You
News / 15.04.21

Radiohead share Thom Yorke’s 2005 solo From the Basement set

The rare footage sees Yorke performing early versions of tracks such as Videotape and Last Flowers….

News / 07.04.21

Radiohead to live stream another series of archive shows

“We rummaged in the Radiohead Public Library and found a few more concerts from a…

News / 08.02.21

Colin Greenwood on post-Brexit touring: “It is time for the UK government to admit it didn’t do enough”

Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood is the latest UK artist to express concerns surrounding the post-Brexit deal for musicians, touring artists and crew

News / 18.01.21

Radiohead’s demo tape from their school band days is up for auction

The cassette features previously unheard material from the band

Thom Yorke MF DOOM
News / 04.01.21

Thom Yorke pays tribute to “genius” MF DOOM

The Radiohead frontman paid tribute to the pioneering artist in a social media post last weekend

Radiohead Glastonbury © Chris Cooper /
News / 22.12.20

Radiohead launch digital cards for festive season

The digital greetings card can be generated and sent via Radiohead’s Public Library archives site

Thom Yorke Lotus Flower
News / 24.11.20

Radiohead are auctioning Thom Yorke’s Lotus Flower bowler hat

Proceeds will be donated to a testicular cancer charity

Radiohead Glastonbury © Chris Cooper /
News / 09.04.20

Radiohead will stream classic concerts for free until lockdown ends

Radiohead join the growing number of artists helping to ease lockdown boredom. Radiohead will stream…

News / 24.03.20

Radiohead make Best Kept Secret 2017 set available for today only

The performance is available today (24 March) only. Dutch broadcaster 3VOOR12 has made their recording…

radiohead public library
News / 21.02.20

Radiohead release extended version of Kid A track Treefingers

The new version comes ahead of Kid A’s 20th anniversary this October

Ed O'Brien
News / 06.02.20

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien shares new track Shangri-La, announces new album Earth

The Radiohead guitarist will release his upcoming album Earth in April this year

Radiohead Public Library

9 essential artefacts from the Radiohead Public Library

We dug through Radiohead’s new online archive, the Radiohead Public Library, to find the best bits of ephemera from the band’s career

radiohead public library
News / 20.01.20

Radiohead make debut EP available to stream and download, launch Radiohead Public Library

Radiohead have shared a treasure trove of previously unavailable music, merchandise and more

Radiohead Glastonbury © Chris Cooper /
News / 11.06.19

Radiohead release 18 hours of OK Computer sessions

A hacker demanded $150,000 on threat of releasing the demos

Thom Yorke: Daydream nation

Ahead of his next album, the Radiohead frontman calls for a shock to the system

Radiohead Glastonbury © Chris Cooper /
News / 11.01.19

Radiohead finally release bonus track Ill Wind on digital streaming services

The Moon Shaped Pool B-side can now be streamed online

Thom Yorke BBC Radio 6
News / 29.10.18

Thom Yorke counts Ryuichi Sakamoto and Low as favourite records in new 60-minute mix

The Radiohead frontman headed up BBC Radio 6 to perform an unreleased track too

Thom Yorke, Suspiria

Thom Yorke – Suspiria

Dread and synthesised euphoria make up the sonic world of the Radiohead frontman’s score for Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria remake

Thom Yorke
News / 17.10.18

Thom Yorke backs Greenpeace campaign with new track Hands Off the Antarctic

The Radiohead frontman shows his support for the construction of an Antarctic ocean sanctuary

Thom Yorke © Greg Williams
News / 11.10.18

Thom Yorke shares another track from Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria

Listen to ‘Volk’ now

Thom Yorke, Suspirium
News / 04.09.18

Thom Yorke confirms Suspiria soundtrack release

The Radiohead frontman is set to release the score for Luca Guadagnino’s remake in October

Actress and the London Contemporary Orchestra unpack their groundbreaking collaboration

We travelled to a rehearsal space in West London to meet Actress and the LCO as they gear up to unveil the album and celebrate its release with a special Barbican performance

Thom Yorke
News / 19.04.18

Thom Yorke previews new music from City Rats art installation

The Radiohead frontman has teamed up with composer Tarik Barri for a new collaboration

News / 17.04.18

Crack Magazine to interview award-winning director Oscar Hudson at and& summit and festival

The award-winning director has created music videos for Radiohead, Young Thug, Bonobo and more

News / 26.03.18

Lana Del Rey claims lawsuit with Radiohead is over

“I guess I can sing that song any time I want, right?”

Thom Yorke
News / 19.03.18

Thom Yorke announces European solo tour

He’ll be performing live mixes across Amsterdam, London, Manchester and Edinburgh

The Complex History of Plagiarism in Music

Tom Watson explores the fine line between flattering inspiration and career flattening infringement

News / 10.01.18

Radiohead deny suing Lana Del Rey over copyright claims

“To set the record straight, no lawsuit has been issued”

News / 08.01.18

Lana Del Rey fans are trolling Radiohead’s Instagram

Following the news of Radiohead taking legal action against the singer for alleged plagiarism, fans have stormed the band’s account

Radiohead sue Lana Del Rey
News / 07.01.18

Lana Del Rey responds to copyright lawsuit claims, denies song was inspired by Radiohead

Radiohead are taking legal action over alleged similarities between Get Free and Creep

Retrospective: In Rainbows

Gary Suarez remembers the disruptive intentions of Radiohead’s release strategy, ten years on

News / 27.09.17

Radiohead and Hans Zimmer share new track ocean (bloom)

The track was inspired by BBC’s Blue Planet II

News / 12.09.17

Radiohead release ominous video for Lift

The track is from the band’s compilation reissue OKNOTOK

News / 21.08.17

Former Labour MP Ed Balls responds to Radiohead’s gig invite

The former politician and Strictly star had previously called Radiohead’s Glastonbury set “dirge-like”

News / 12.07.17

Thom Yorke responds to Ken Loach in defence of Radiohead’s Tel Aviv show

“Playing in a country isn’t the same as endorsing its government”

Radiohead Glastonbury © Chris Cooper /
News / 23.06.17

Radiohead’s Glastonbury headline set celebrated 20 years of OK Computer

But there was still time to lay into contemporary politics

News / 23.06.17

Watch Radiohead live from Glastonbury Festival

It’s been 20 years, almost to the the day, since Radiohead first headlined Glastonbury. This will be special

News / 22.06.17

Radiohead share video for previously unreleased track Man Of War

The song premiered on 6 Music this morning and now they’ve dropped a new video

News / 22.06.17

Radiohead premiere previously unreleased track Man Of War on 6 Music

The OK Computer cut will be on the OKNOTOK reissue

News / 08.06.17

Thom Yorke talks burnout, Glastonbury and Suspiria in 6 Music interview

The Radiohead frontman opens up to Matt Everitt

News / 02.06.17

Radiohead drop video for previously unreleased track I Promise

I Promise is from their forthcoming reissue compilation OKNOTOK

News / 03.05.17

Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood scores Joaquin Phoenix film You Were Never Really Here

Director Lynne Ramsay has previously tapped the guitarist to score her 2011 film We Need To Talk About Kevin

News / 02.05.17

Radiohead announce reissue of OK Computer featuring three previously unreleased tracks

The reissue, entitled OKNOTOK, will also include three vinyls, a book of Thom Yorke’s notes, unseen artwork and more

News / 26.04.17

Mysterious posters prompt speculation over Radiohead’s anniversary for OK Computer

A series of posters alluding to Radiohead have appeared round aEurope, and illustrator Stanley Donwood has shared a teaser

News / 21.02.17

M.I.A. asks Radiohead to play Meltdown on Twitter

Following the news that she will be curating the lineup for the 2017 Meltdown event…

News / 20.12.16

Glastonbury will relocate in 2019

BBC are reporting that Glastonbury Festival will take place at a new location in 2019. A new…

Albums Of The Year 2016

The 100 best albums of the last 12 months, according to Crack Magazine

News / 15.11.16

Watch Stanley Donwood paint artwork for Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool

The behind-the-scenes clip was filmed in Donwood’s studio in France last year A video of…

News / 20.10.16

Radiohead confirmed as Friday headliners at Glastonbury

For the first time since 2003, the band are headlining the pyramid stage Radiohead last…

News / 20.10.16

Radiohead’s ‘modified bear’ logo appears in Glastonbury field

The mysterious ‘crop circles’ were spotted by eagled-eyed viewers of the BBC’s Worthy Farm webcam…

News / 14.10.16

Radiohead’s In Rainbows bonus disc is finally available to stream

In Rainbows Disk 2, was originally part of the In Rainbows box set and includes…

News / 10.10.16

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien announces debut solo album

The Radiohead guitarist told 6 Music‘s Matt Everitt that he’ll be releasing his first ever…

News / 05.10.16

Watch Radiohead’s new video for The Numbers

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the video features Jonny Greenwood and Thom Yorke performing the…

News / 30.09.16

Radiohead share surprise B-side Ill Wind

The band’s recently released special edition of A Moon Shaped Pool features the new track…

News / 16.09.16

Thom Yorke shares new solo song Coloured Candy

Thom Yorke’s first solo track in two years was written as the soundtrack for a…

Revisiting our reviews of the 2016 Mercury nominees

If this year’s Mercury Music Award nominees are anything to go by British music has had a particularly fruitful year

News / 08.09.16

Thom Yorke wants to collaborate with Burial and Four Tet again

Whilst co-hosting Benji B’s show on BBC Radio 1 Yorke played a selection of tracks…

Events / 04.08.16

Le Guess Who? announce Jonny Greenwood’s Junun

Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and The Rajasthan Express are heading out the Netherlands’ Le…

News / 01.08.16

Watch Radiohead’s Lollapalooza set in full

Stream their emotive show straight from the festival Red Bull TV have made a selection…

News / 27.07.16

Watch Radiohead play OK Computer classic, Let Down

The band played the song for the first time in a decade last night at…

News / 25.07.16

Thom Yorke shares ‘Bedtime Mix’ for falling asleep to

Thom Yorke debuted a new Bedtime Mix featuring ambient cuts and more on Phil Taggart’s…

NOS Alive
reminded us to never underestimate the headliners

Radiohead and Arcade Fire lead the way for the festival’s 10th birthday

News / 17.06.16

Radiohead share pamphlet on how to make your own A Moon Shaped Pool artwork

The band revealed the Stanley Donwood-penned booklet at their worldwide streaming event yesterday Alongside the…

News / 16.06.16

Jonny Greenwood opens up about A Moon Shaped Pool in rare interview

The Radiohead guitarist spoke about recording A Moon Shaped Pool, their rejected Bond theme and…

Sound 2016

There’s rarely a moment at Primavera where you’re not cringing slightly at the thought of something you’re missing

News / 03.06.16

Radiohead share artist interpretation of Identikit

The band have been sharing artist’s interpretations of songs from A Moon Shaped Pool every…


Radiohead Roundhouse 27 May When Radiohead announced their world tour back in March, supply and…

News / 19.05.16

Radiohead shed light on recording of A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead have shared a few of their recording secrets including “yogurt cartons, tubs, bells and…

Festivals / 17.05.16

Tarik Barri at Bloc

At this year’s Bloc weekend we found ourselves faced with a massively varied spectrum of acts…

News / 13.05.16

Radiohead to unveil series of A Moon Shaped Pool visuals

The first, from Holland’s Tarik Barri, has been shared on the band’s Instagram Radiohead are…

Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

In 2010, music critic Mark Beaumont wrote a defence of the 1.5/5 mark he awarded…

News / 11.05.16

Radiohead announce support acts for upcoming tour

Following the release of their new album, A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead have just announced…

6 New Videos
You Need To See

Dancing in a blossomed garden, intense melancholy, and more feature in this week’s roundup

News / 06.05.16

Radiohead share Daydreaming video, announce album release

Radiohead’s 9th album will be released digitally this Sunday at 7PM The wait is over…

Everything we know about Radiohead‘s ninth album

Radiohead have been dropping plenty of hints about their upcoming ninth album but nothing’s set in stone, here’s what we know so far

News / 03.05.16

Radiohead share first album teasers

The band posted a short video of a tweeting bird on their Instagram feed while…

News / 02.05.16

Radiohead delete website and Twitter feed

Are Radiohead planning something big? Fans of the band are speculating that they could be…

Events / 03.03.16

NOS Alive announce Grimes, Biffy Clyro, Jagwar Ma and more

The Lisbon-based festival has also added Two Door Cinema Club, Ratatat, Vintage Trouble and Calexico to…

News / 21.01.16

Radiohead to play first shows since 2012

Radiohead have announced their first live shows in 4 years Radiohead are set to play…

News / 21.01.16

Primavera Sound announce 2016 line-up

LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead and more announced for Primavera Sound 2016 Primavera Sound Festival is set to return…

News / 06.01.16

Watch Courtney Love cover Radiohead in LA

Footage has emerged of Hole frontwoman Courtney Love covering Radiohead’s Creep Uber-producer Linda Perry threw…

News / 25.11.15

Thom Yorke has claimed he was pressured to meet Tony Blair

The Radiohead frontman has claimed the former PM’s advisors attempted to force a meeting in…

News / 09.11.15

Four Tet claims he was in Radiohead’s Creep video

During a lengthy interview with Gilles Peterson Four Tet claimed he was an extra in…

Thom Yorke

Pitchfork Paris 2015

Not so long ago, ‘going to a festival’ used to signify something pretty specific about…

News / 09.10.15

Watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s Jonny Greenwood Doc

Junun sees the Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood director follow Jonny Greenwood on a…

News / 18.09.15

Listen to New Music by Thom Yorke

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has shared original music he wrote for Harold Pinter’s play Old Times…

News / 16.07.15

Watch Thom Yorke play experimental synth in 1990

Just for a change, here’s some old footage of Thom Yorke. Shaun McCrindle, the person…

News / 14.07.15

Watch a pre-Radiohead Thom Yorke perform High and Dry

The clip of Yorke’s old band The Headless Chickens was apparently shot at Exeter University…

News / 27.05.15

Thom Yorke’s new song is over two weeks long

For some reason we’re not even slightly surprised. So, according to The Huffington Post, Thom…