Music / Opinion / Feature / 15.06.17

Perspective: Seeking Refuge, Respect and Hip-Hop

Liverpool-based Iranian rapper Farhood recalls how his passion for music aligned with his seeking asylum in the UK, and how he’s working to tell others’ stories

Kacy Hill: In Bloom

Signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music, we catch up with the young rising star to talk chance encounters, femininity and self-determination

Aldous Harding: From A Distance

Gunseli Yalcinkaya meets with the New Zealand songwriter as her haunting music begins to reach bigger audiences

Binh: Simple Pleasures

Mixing family life with extended DJ sets in Berlin’s most coveted clubs can’t be easy. But, as Emma Robertson finds, respected minimal mainstay Germann Nguyen has found a happy medium

In Pictures: Primavera Sound 2017

AAA pass in one hand, camera in other, photographer Nacho G Riaza captured intimate portraits of artists and ticket-holders alike

Music / Opinion / Feature / 06.06.17

The Mandem Need You: Can Grime4Corbyn succeed where Red Wedge failed?

Tom Watson explores a very 2017 movement – and its echoes with pop’s Red Wedge coalition three decades ago

20 years of Wu-Tang Forever

After Enter the Wu-Tang came Wu-Tang Forever. Crack Magazine editor Davy Reed traces the hip-hop collective’s demise – and continued influence

M.I.A.: Let the Kids Run Wild

One of the most outspoken artists in popular culture, Crack sits down with M.I.A. to talk Meltdown, the politicisation of pop and what it feels like to influence a new generation of artists

I Remember Yesterday: How Giorgio Moroder rewrote the future of club music

Forty years on, Bill Brewster tells the story behind Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer’s future-proofed classic