Music / News / 25.04.17

Sónar complete line-up with Yves Tumor, Kablam and more

Derrick Carter, Masters At Work and Icelandic hip-hop act Sturla Atlas also round off the 2017 bill

Yves Tumor, Klein and David Hoyle find pleasure amidst the pain at COIL, Bristol

Bringing together queer performance art and transgressive noise, the one-off night promised necessary release. It delivered

PAN compilation album
Music / News / 16.02.17

PAN readies its first compilation album mono no aware

The label compilation is a collection of unreleased ambient tracks from PAN artists old and new

News / 25.01.17

Convergence unveil new names for 2017

Following an exciting first announcement in November, multi-venue London event Convergence have added a new run…

Yves Tumor

Clothes, whether they’re borrowed or bought, form a big part of Yves Tumor’s life. His fierce eclecticism is explored in our extended styled editorial