Selections: Golin

Singer-producer Rin Suemitsu reaches for Mica Levi, PJ Harvey, KOHH and Akiko Shikata in her selections

Dana Ruh

Selections: Dana Ruh

Featuring Lauryn Hill, Sade, Ricardo Villalobos and more

Object Blue

Selections: object blue

“This playlist includes tracks that were physically influenced by its surrounding space during the recording”

Kelly Lee Owens

Selections: Kelly Lee Owens

From Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith to collaborator Daniel Avery via Andy Stott and Boards of Canada, the Welsh-born producer curates a chill, strange playlist

Selections: Jayda G

“This is the perfect antidote to those feeling the early festival season burn!”

Pär Grindvik

Selections: Pär Grindvik

The Swedish tastemaker curates an exclusive playlist featuring M.E.S.H., Sissel Wincent, Mount Kimbie and more

Tianzhuo Chen

Selections: Tianzhuo Chen

The Chinese performer and Asian Dope Boys label founder comes through with an exclusive playlist featuring Tommy Cash, Marilyn Manson, Uli K and more

Selections: Nadine Shah

The post-punk singer goes for a playlist of politically charged tracks with an underlying pro-immigration stance

The Internet

Selections: The Internet

Hot off the announcement of their LP Hive Mind, the LA collective turn in an exclusive playlist featuring Grand Puba, Mark Ronson, Mac DeMarco and more

Daniele Baldelli

Selections: Daniele Baldelli

The disco innovator comes through with the selections, featuring Birth Control, DJ Rocca and more

Selections: Club Kuru

The psychedelic crooners come through with a languid selection of tracks featuring Jane Birkin, Khruangbin, Paul McCartney, Neil Young and more

Snapped Ankles

Selections: Snapped Ankles

For this exclusive playlist, the folklore-favouring London band replicate the playlist of a long-lost C90, from Cybotron to Jeffrey Lewis

Selections: Avelino

“This is what you’re forced to listen to if you’re a passenger in my car”

Selections: YGG

The three-member crew bring the selections, featuring tracks from Masick, GHSTLY XXVII, Deva Bratt and more

Selections: Tzusing

An exclusive playlist comprised of tracks by The Prodigy, Hodge, J-pop artist DAOKO and more

Selections: Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke

The Fractal Fantasy bosses come through with a club-ready playlist, featuring Cardi B, Murlo, Mist and more