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20 Questions: Yung Lean

Haunted hotels, acid trips and meatball recipes with the Swedish rapper

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Penny Rimbaud: Freedom Fighting

Famous for co-founding the seminal punk band Crass, Penny Rimbaud now counters rage with serenity. Davy Reed spends a day with an icon

20 Questions: DJ Seinfeld

From bad haircuts to beet soup and Liam Gallagher, the Swedish producer reveals all in Davy Reed’s round of quick-fire questions

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The Update: Hookworms

It’s been a turbulent time for the Leeds-based psych band. Davy Reed checks in with the vocalist and producer to trace the obstacles he’s overcome

Angels, Spliffs and Heavy Metal Riffs: Dean Blunt and Mica Levi’s opera 𝕴 𝖓 𝖓 𝖆 reviewed

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Wu Tang

The Saga Continues eOne

Wiki: My Life as a Mixtape

With a Skepta collaboration and a debut album under his belt, the rising rapper talks first records, nostalgic tracks and Lil Wayne

A2: Easy Does It

The Croydon singer-rapper is stepping out from the shadows and into the limelight. Davy Reed meets up with him to talk grime and a change in direction

Fade To Mind’s Leonce Nelson hails from Atlanta’s thriving underground

Davy Reed caught up with the artist at Bread and Butter to talk open-minded club nights, the Fade To Mind family and Atlanta’s black and queer communities

Five Takeaways from Øya Festival 2017

Lana Del Rey, Pixies and fresh-faced teenagers going wild for Migos’ ‘Bad and Boujee’ – here’s what went down at Norway’s most renowned festival

20 Questions: Miss Red

Worst haircut? Famous encounters? How to cook aubergine? Miss Red tells all in our infamous round of quick fire questions

Tommy Genesis and Young M.A shake up Meltdown

Royal Festival Hall, London 20170617

20 years of Wu-Tang Forever

After Enter the Wu-Tang came Wu-Tang Forever. Crack Magazine editor Davy Reed traces the hip-hop collective’s demise – and continued influence

20 Questions: Aidan Moffat of Arab Strap

Favourite drunken snack? Worst job? Lines or dots? We put the questions that matter to the legendary Scotsman

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