10 Artists on Their Favourite Discoveries of 2018

We asked 10 artists with great taste to pick out something they’ve discovered this year that they think will stay with them long after 2018.

Powell Tillmans
News / 17.10.18

Powell and Wolfgang Tillmans link up for joint EP Spoken by the Other

Listen to the first single Feel the Night now

News / 02.02.18

Wolfgang Tillmans has dropped the new EP Heute Will Ich Frei Sein

The five-track release features New York veteran Justin Strauss, Bryan Mette and car alarm sounds

News / 03.08.17

Listen to a conversation between Wolfgang Tillmans and Room 4 Resistance’s Luz Diaz

Welcome to Berlin: Then & Now, a podcast series exploring the city’s rich musical past,…

News / 27.06.17

Powell, Wolfgang Tillmans, Bill Kouligas and more announced for Club To Club

The 17th edition of Club To Club just got even better

News / 23.05.17

Wolfgang Tillmans, Powell, Pan Daijing and more revealed for Berlin Atonal 2017

The five-day festival has made its first announcement

News / 27.04.17

Powell releases ‘Freezer’, recruits Wolfgang Tillmans for the video

The Diagonal boss follows in the footsteps of Pet Shop Boys and Goldfrapp

News / 27.03.17

Wolfgang Tillmans’ Colourbox compilation released exclusively for major exhibition

The LP complements the artist’s exhibition and celebrates the electronic group’s career

News / 13.03.17

An interactive visualiser of Wolfgang Tillman’s Truth Study Center has been unveiled by the Tate

For the first time, a digital reimagining of the celebrated photographer’s project is available to explore online

Arca Bjork
News / 23.02.17

Arca reveals that working with Björk encouraged him to find his voice

“I don’t know if I would’ve ever sung on this record if it weren’t for Bjork,” he claims in an interview with Wolfgang Tillmans

Long Reads / Opinion / 05.01.17

Perspective: Wolfgang Tillmans says All is Not Lost

The artist and social activist still believes that progressive, compassionate values can return and thrive

News / 03.08.16

Seminal witch house group Salem set to return

Photographer and musician Wolfgang Tillmans says Salem’s Jack Donaghue and John Holland have remixed his song Make It…

News / 22.07.16

Patti Smith and Ai Weiwei to collaborate on Reading jail art project

The pair will join thirty artists and actors, including Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Wolfgang Tillmans, to reflect…

Wolfgang Tillmans adjusts his focus in search of truth

A recent defence of an EU-inclusive Britain has only deepened the allure of one of the most respected figures in photography. In a studio that has hosted countless iconic images, he speaks passionately with Augustin Macellari

News / 20.06.16

Boiler Room to host live EU roundtable

Matthew Herbert, Snoochie Shy, Wolfgang Tillmans and more will join the Brexit debate Boiler Room…